Life and Death- A Prayer For The Departed

Dear Departed Soul,

We think of you often and feel sorrow that you’re gone. We loved you in life and in death we love you still. When God called you home, you took with you a part of our hearts and left behind an empty place that no one can fill.

You are with God now, but the memories you left behind will keep you Alive in our hearts forever.

We wish you peace and send you our love as you take your next step.


I’d like to take a few moments to talk a little about, Life & Death. If you were to ask a group of people how they felt, I think the overwhelming response would be “Life is too short.”

For those of you who have lost someone close to you, I think it’s safe to say that “death seems like forever.” Life is good, and Death is bad. Cling to life and avoid the grim reaper at all costs!

These are concepts that feel very real to most people as they go through their lives. It’s funny though because Life and Death are flip sides of the same coin.

One of the most amazing things that death teaches us is how important it is to REALLY appreciate life– to notice the world around us and take a moment to see the beauty and the wonder in it. Both are merely steps along the road of your journey as spirit.

Life is like school; it’s an opportunity to teach, to learn and grow. Death is similar. It’s an opportunity to evaluate what you’ve learned and see how well others have learned the lessons you’ve taught them.

Hopefully, compassion is on the top of your list. Empathy is learned through compassion. Throughout my life it has been very important to show kindness to people I’ve met from different races, religions and backgrounds. Although there are many differences in our cultures- love for our family and community can bring us together

Death is not the end, and Death is not the beginning. Death is merely a transition, a place of rest, and a time to reflect. Both are opportunities to express love.

I heard a wonderful quote once that says “Yesterday is the past. Tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift. That’s why we call it ‘The Present.'”