House Blessing/ New Home Dedication

Jesus said, “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will go in…” (Revelation 3:20) Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrew 13:2

A home is more than merely a place made of brick or wood. It is a haven from the pressures of he world outside your door. It is imports t that the house energy be set at love, support and growth.

This ritual is very simple, but does require a little time and energy. You will need something to represent Air. I use special besom. Something for Fire, a candle works well. Something for Water, a bowl of holy water is what I usually use. Earth can be represented by a dish of salt or I sometimes use lavender essential oil.

The house should be physically clean of clutter.

When performing this ritual to a new move, it’s best to do before moving your things, but if you have to, wait until your unpacked and have put most things away. Make sure you ‘ground’ first and align your energies if working in a group.

Begin at the entrance that is used the most. Use your Air to cleanse the area. Say, “Air, Air, clean this place, By the power of Air, I cleanse this space.” Move toward the right around the room, while chanting.

I use banishing pentacle on every portal, windows, doors, mirrors, TV and computer screens. Any place where energy comes into your home.

As you come to stairs up or down follow then and continue around to the right, then back up or down and continue to the right of the first level.

Continue to use your Air element to cleanse every corner, closet, under beds, all around, while chanting. If you have a group of friends they can follow you and chant also, this can be very powerful.

When you have completed the circuit of the house, open the door and push out any negative energy. Visualize it sinking down into Earth to be transformed.

Use each element in the same way. Change the chant accordingly. If you are consolidating the ritual, your friends can each take an element and you can use all of them on one circuit. I suggest doing them separately, if at all possible. Each element should be brought to the original door and used to push out negative energy.

When every element is finished, gather in the center of the house or close to it. Form a circle and chant, sing, drum, dance or whatever you choose to raise the energy.

End the ceremony by chanting Home, Home, Home. It will sound like OHM after a while. When the tension is peaking, release the energy. Thank the elements and open the circle.

Now you have a big party, make sure everyone eats a little something to help them ‘ground.’

Your home is now thoroughly cleansed and blessed.

If you choose, you can also say a prayer:

Most loving God, we are thankful for all the love you share, which heals us, and heals those who have home before us.

Shine your divine light upon this home and those who dwell within its walls.

Allow it to be a place where friendship, hospitality and generosity can prosper.

May all who enter here feel your living presence and be at peace.