Anyone Can Overcome & Persevere. We Did. Travels Of The Texas Twins..

2022 has been my most trying year since I can recall personally. What happened? How did this start? What triggered me? It’s a long story. Sit down & buckle up.

In 1971, our grandfather, L.B. Thomas along with our grandmother, Mildred Thomas set up a recorder. Why? To record the sale of 4 children. Who? My siblings & myself. Wendy, Cindy, Tammy & Jerry. Stay tuned it gets bumpier.

This tape was used against us. It was used to silence us. It was used to remind us that no one wanted us not even our own mother. Sharon Hill. Why? Because my grandfather was a Pedophile who abused Tammy, Wendy & Cindy. The tape reminded us not to tell anyone because no one would listen. He was right. No one did.

At 15 Cindy & I ran away with the clothes on our backs. We had nowhere to go. We had no one to call. I was pregnant. My father upon learning this had beat me attempting to force a miscarriage. Cindy stepped in front of me to protect me.

The police found us eating out of a dumpster in Azle, Texas. After recognizing we were battered, RATHER than taking us “back home,” they took us to a Womens Shelter.

I often hear “so and so had a horrible childhood” as an excuse. A pass. It isn’t. I’ve never met anyone in my life who faced as much hardships as we have AND overcame them. That’s a fact. By 10, 12 and certainly by 13 or 14, children KNOW right from wrong. We did. Having a bad childhood isn’t a legitimate excuse for choosing the wrong path.

I wouldn’t know that I was of the 5 percentile until going through a divorce and child custody war in Fort Worth, Texas. That’s right I said war it lasted 5 years. My ex had contacted a member of my own family, my aunt my fathers sister to “find dirt” on me. What was the dirt? My childhood AND that pregnancy.

I was forced to prove I wasn’t crazy. What Dr Baker learned was that 1. I wasn’t crazy and 2. I developed the ability to compartmentalize at a young age. This unique talent gave not only I but also Cindy the ability to function by putting away things that had happened to us we couldn’t accept. Sold out by a family member that didn’t protect us or step in at any point? Yes. My ex offered money.

I finally won that custody battle but I will never forget my past being used against me in this lifetime. In fact that’s why I’m so transparent, blunt & candid.

Our mother was a heroin addict. That’s why she sold us after years of neglecting us. Our entire lives have been affected by addicts AND opportunists. What do I mean? The very same people that hurt us took advantage of us. “It’s Father’s Day where’s my cake?” Anyone remember that line? I do. We were expected to act & represent that we had a normal family to others. To hide where we came from, what we overcame. It’s a fact.

I hated pretending to have a normal family. There was no accountability ever in our family. Cindy and I along with Jerry & Tammy became the parents we had never had. The people we never met. With intention AND forethought.

Our childhood abuse was so devastating that at 6.5 years old I developed a stutter so debilitating that I stopped speaking. Cindy spoke for us. Instead I read. I read dictionaries, phone books whatever I could find. The library was my peaceful place. This created another unique talent, the ability to develop a photographic memory. This would help me later in life. I can spell, read and remember anything.

I was headed to TDCJ Terrell Unit to meet a client when a phone call from my brothers wife regarding our father dying came in. I thought I would be relieved to finally have closure. I was wrong.

One of my clients had suggested I get a Tik Tok. I’d heard if it but had no idea how to use it.

After Gordon Funeral Home consistently sent me the authorization form with my name incorrect, I posted my very first video. I was alone in my suv. I had 4 Units and I was trying to get that damn thing notarized.

Our dad had lived with Gretta Ozee nearly 7 years. She was the only person he had ever been with who was kind to us. I performed her funeral ceremony after carefully applying her makeup at Greenwood Funeral Home.

He had never listened to me and always assumed proving common law marriage would be easy. It wasn’t. He also had Cindy open a storage unit to because he knew he would eventually be forced to move from Grettas home.

Cindy had been paying for this unit all of these years. His death and the knowledge that unit had cost nearly $30k would be how Wendy & Cindy found that 1971 tape again. We were going to clean it out. To find closure. We instead found that damn tape.

Family members wishing to silence me have consistently flagged my videos on Tik Tok. I learned how to go live instead. No one wants the truth to come out but I can assure you that truth is and always will be more interesting and shocking than fiction.

My niece, Stephaney Mahaney relapsed again in 2022 and decided to become homeless. For 18 years this September my twin has raised her twin daughters, Maryssa & Makenna. We saved them from the childhood we had survived.

I’m often asked “how did you overcome?” Grit, determination, stamina & thinking outside the box are how and why Cindy & I didn’t give up. We had everything going against us and swam against that tide. We became the people we had never met. We overcame. We were different. We always had been. We never fit in. We didn’t judge others.

Loving an addict after hating an addict, our mother has been a traumatic journey. I’m certain this won’t turn out well. After 18 years of searching for and saving Stephaney only to have her relapse, the only card we had left to pull was Criminal Non Support. We didn’t want the money we never have. We wanted Steph locked up because it’s the only way to know where she is without thinking we see her everywhere we go. She went homeless a few years ago.

Google Girl In A Box Texas Twins Events to find out more. We filed a missing persons report and the FWPD called to tell me she was in a box on Las Vegas Trail. She wouldn’t let us get her into treatment and was homeless over a year. She never went back to the box.

Cindy had 3 heart attacks in my passenger seat as my niece tried to choke me from the backseat getting her to that treatment center. Cindy wouldn’t let me take her to the hospital UNTIL I was rid of Steph.

People wonder how I manage to run 5 businesses with the shit storm of my personal life in the rear view mirror? Here’s how- I run from my personal life. I’m a workaholic. I thrive for structure and predictability. Normality is the only thing in my life that I’ve never been able to buy. My niece has been a meth addict 18 years now. 18 years of raw hell while acting normal with Cindy on location with clients, in front of the rest of our family and even while filming. No shit. We look normal with intention. Even on the day my dad was dying NONE of my clients that day knew I was waiting to get that body picked up. Nobody. I looked happy, normal and in control.

The truth is we can’t control Steph. We never could. But we also can’t stop worrying, wondering waiting on that next door knock or phone call.