Why do I Wear so Many Hats to Support Numerous Organizations, Causes & Interests? Why not? Wendy Wortham

You know I’ve spent most of my life in front of a camera modeling, pitching or promoting products.

What you don’t know is that behind the scenes, I’ve also supported numerous foundations and organizations most of my life. Things that are important to me may not be as important to you but, that’s what makes us all unique and individual.

All of us in life are touched in one way or another by something that instantly alters our perception.

A diagnosis with cancer, an unexpected life changing accident of a loved one or, the death of a child sent off to battle a war and protect our country.

My brother and many members of my family have served in the military. My cousins and their father have been volunteer firefighters as long as I can remember, as well as volunteer EMT’s. An ambulance parking in front of my aunt Shirley’s home was a regular occurrence with a CB updating the latest car accident or fire.

My interest in numerous organizations, causes and sponsorships or affiliations is often funded through sales of my personal belongings on eBay at my storefront, Texas Twins Treasures as well as my part time salary from P&G.

Do I live my life trying to change the world around me and enhance my community ? You bet! It’s as important to me and my family as anything else we do. Reaching back and helping others should be taught in schools across America. Empathy is being lost in our children who have no idea of the trials or tribulations that the less fortunate suffer everyday in a struggle to survive.

Many depend on the generosity of others to succeed in life, I’m committed to doing whatever necessary within my own power, custody or control to help them achieve their dreams.

People always ask me why I’m so passionate and, why I would help a complete stranger?

If I had a catch phrase, I’m certain that my answer would be- why not?

Many of my services for weddings and funerals are donated, by me.

When I read an email of sorrows asking for my help, I always make time to accommodate the request.

Tomorrow, I’m sponsoring a wedding in Trinity Park for a young lady who was given my name and wanted an intimate wedding with no money for luxuries or photos.

I’m gifting this young lady the flowers, cake, champagne and even the photos after reading a story of her apt fire that took all of her worldly possessions and, giving her a wedding gown from my eBay store.

Ask not why you can help a stranger but how ? Enrich the life of others to enrich your own.

This is the way I’ve always believed that strangers should be treated. Respect, need not be earned by me to receive my help.

Reaching out and requesting that I help others is an everyday occurrence that I treat as a gift from God to be given the opportunity to bless a stranger with kindness and give them hope in life and the knowledge that the world really isn’t as harsh as it may seem.

My legacy will be one of generosity because I believe such a history of my footprint on this planet means much more to my family and friends than anything else I have achieved.

Wendy Wortham
Texas Twins Events