Texas Law Provides Asthma Action Plan AND Permission to Children for Emergency Rescue Inhalers

As you know, I fight to protect the rights of twins on a regular basis.

The Texas Twins Law gives parents the right to CHOOSE whether or not to separate twins in classrooms.

Today, Makenna Marie Mahaney suffered an asthma attack so severe at Austin Elementary in Weatherford, TX that she was unable to walk or talk.

How many children who suffer from exercise related attacks have died because of the inability to carry a rescue inhaler? Across America, hundreds!

If your child suffers from debilitating asthma, get a letter from your physician and take it to the Principal.

Last year, Texas passed a law allowing rescue inhalers (with a valid prescription of course) in schools and provides protection for children and teens to immediately use a rescue inhaler without the need of visiting the nurses office or, worse calling an ambulance that may arrive too late to save the child.

Texas, it’s about time! Parents, if you don’t continue to fight and write your congress person, blog, petition and scream about issues affecting others- your voice will never be heard.

Stand up, shout about preposterous laws that affect the lives of school aged children. I did and I’m glad my twin sister Cindy Daniel and I continue to fight laws that don’t take the circumstances of either twins or special needs children or even medically necessary treatments into consideration before making an “across the board” decision that can affect your child, your grand child or your neighbors child.