Twinning- A Weekend Of Events & Squabbles With My Texas Twins Events Team…

This season has kept us pretty busy, and this weekend was no exception.

On location squabbles upset me to no end.  Our three adult children seem to enjoy arguing- this causes drama for Cindy and I who are often the referees.

Friday was spent organizing for a Saturday liquidation event at my home aka WorthamWorld to raise money for Debbie and Hannah Poteet Fundraising For Medical Expenses- Texas Twins Events Team is a blog I wrote on my sister site WWW.TEXASTWINSTREASURES.COM where bartered items are sold after we refurbish and refinish them. 

Yard Sales are social events to a certain extent with shoppers visiting and asking questions about items.  The Little Pawners love any opportunity to make money and enjoy meeting folks along with Cindy and I. 

Maryssa and Makenna had a cookie and lemonade stand that did pretty well other than Maryssa selling 4 cookies for a penny to a jogger which upset Makenna.  I took a few videos of the “action” and this video gives you an idea of the competitive nature of twins Makenna Mahaney Complains About Profits At WorthamWorld.


Stephanie and Robert Hafele- Photography Team for Texas Twins Events
Planning a sale takes planning and preparation and since I’m the ring leader of this circus, I went to Taylor’s to rent clothing racks and tables prior to visiting Albertsons and Walmart for supplies to bake brownies, garage sale signs, cookies and lemonade.

  Calling Robert and Stephanie at 6AM to get over here (two blocks away) and help get their items set up and priced didn’t go well (they like to sleep in) but, I advised them that if Cindy and I had to move everything AND set it up- we would keep the profit too and donate it to Debbie and Hannah Robert and Stephanie Hafele Give Their Opinion On Yard Sales & Customers isn’t a “positive spin” on the clients shopping my sale but hey everyone has their own opinion.

Sunday was spent running around to get items for a baby shower and young lady who needed items that we had met a few times.  Rebbecca Bowman had reached out for our help so we took a SUV load full of items to the event and the entire team showed up.  Robert and Stephanie arrived first with Cindy and I and the Little Pawners second.  Leigh Ann and Stephaney arrived with baby “Maddy” last.  Everything was going pretty we until my son decided to upset Cindy by “poking” at her hairpiece aka “weave.”  

My Nieces- Leigh Ann Blais and Stephaney Mahaney
Leigh Ann never has time to “fix herself up” these days so Stephaney did her makeup for the shower.  Having a new baby has my niece often overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility involved and her sister is our makeup artist for Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners Leigh Ann and Stephaney Makeup Video was cut short when Madyson Blais spit up formula while Leigh Ann was holding her.

On Saturday, Leigh Ann wanted to get “a few things off her chest” before she leaves in June to move to Cali with her husband Alex and their new baby.  Alex comes to Texas on leave for a month to help her prepare for the move and we will greet him Friday at DFW.

My problem with this getting “everything off her chest”was that she chose the liquidation event and, we had customers.  Occasionally, timing your family discussion is best done in the privacy of your home and not during a bustling event.

However, a few years ago Stephanie Hafele had hurt   Leigh Ann’s feelings at Hurricane Harbor when she told her “I don’t want to ride with you because you are way to heavy and will throw me out of the raft!”  This was in front of all all of the other people waiting in line and for obvious reasons, embarrassed my niece and, she’s carried that hurt for years.  

Stephanie Hafele is “skinny” and no one in my family is.  Leigh Ann told Stephanie “my whole family knows that you think you’re beautiful and skinny and better than everyone else but since you married my cousin and came into this family- we are sick and tired of you being a narcissist.”  It’s true that both of my nieces “have a problem” with my daughter in law and her off handed comments that are often “popping up” at an event. Did this discussion bother Stephanie Hafele?  Not at all.

Stephanie Hafele- My Daughter In Law
When my niece had her baby 5 months ago, Stephanie Hafele (in front of my family) said “if Leigh Ann and Alex can have a pretty baby I know mine would be even more beautiful!”  Yes, trying to keep my nieces and daughter in law from getting into a fight is an ongoing battle for my sister and I ya all. 

Robert and Stephanie Hafele
While I would love to tell you that everybody gets along all of the time- it would be a lie and my faithful readers know that I don’t lie.

We have a wedding today at White Rock Lake with Maryssa acting as the ring bearer and Makenna acting as the flower girl.  After the squabble last night, I’m hesitant to have Robert and Stephanie join us to handle the photography.  On location bickering is strictly prohibited by me and I’m at my wits end trying to keep everyone happy and not at odds with each other on the team. 

 When you “work” with your family, there are going to be a few disagreements, an occasional argument here and there and some hurt feelings.

I came up with the term “inlaws and outlaws” at my son’s wedding to Stephanie.  Her family “thought the world owed them a living” as I struggled to work my fingers to the bone and make all of the bouquets, Centerpieces and decorations myself to save money.  Other than her grandmother and my family- Stephanie and Robert had no one else committed to giving them a beautiful wedding which is why the folks with suggestions (outlaws) got on the wrong side of the tracks with the inlaws.

You can’t choose who your children marry but you can cross your fingers and hope they will “at some point” get along with their new family.

Trying to separate everyone at an event is stressful and chaotic and while I feel guilty making excuses to Robert and Stephanie about why they aren’t going- after the argument at the baby shower last night, I feel against the wall since Leigh Ann and Stephanie are planning to go.  Instead I’ve issued an ultimatum that everyone on my team get along with each other today and at every other event. I realize that families sometimes argue but my family can be fiercely competitive at times which and unlike our Little Pawners, the older children have petty squabbles now and again.

 There are no easy solutions to this ongoing problem but perhaps with Leigh Ann moving next month, Robert and Stephanie Hafele can get along with Stephaney Mahaney?  One can hope.

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