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We’ve had some interesting experiences while supporting one another but my sister somehow found a way to make lemonade out of lemons when she created #Cindyisms.

My twin sister, Cindy Daniel has been a caretaker and caregiver for her children, grandchildren and even our grandmother the past 32 years.  This has been no “easy” task for her when raising her children coincided with our widowed grandmother moving into her home when Leigh Ann and Stephaney were quite young (6 and 4). 

 No one “plans” on caring for their parents, grandparents or grandchildren but, it happens all the time and poses a huge burden for those who “take on the task.”

Cindy also believes that Hillbilly’s are geniuses because they have no money and “have to figure it out.”  Cindy is married to a self professed country boy/hillbilly Cindy Daniel Explains How Hillbilly’s Figure It Out Video is pretty funny but, it is based on her own experiences of being broke and having to figure it out herself.  

We have both been in similar situations when our husbands lost their jobs (Steve was laid off after 23 years at Albertson’s and Matthew lost his land development business during the real estate crash).  

These Redheaded Rednecks “figured it out” as we have for our entire lives.  Taking part time brand ambassador “gigs” to pitch into the “kitty,” we effectively circled the wagons between her home and mine. When we tell ya all we laugh to keep from crying- we are dead serious!  From health issues to job loss and pay cuts, we’ve seen it all and we have weathered the storm as a TwinTeam.

 Cindy has been raising Maryssa and Makenna since they were born and while I have joined her at emergency rooms and fun parks while trying to give her a break when taking the twins home for slumber parties, it is my sister who makes sure the twins are dressed, bathed, finished their homework and gets them to school everyday while on her way to a part time merchandising job to help cover the expenses of her burgeoning household. 

 Last year, both of her adult daughters moved home.  Stephaney works as a waitress and helps out as a translator and make up artist for me at Texas Twins Events and, when families have no money, at The Pawning Planners.

Leigh Ann moved home pregnant while Alex was on duty in the Navy. Next week Alex will fly into DFW airport on leave to move Leigh Ann and their 5 month old baby to California for his next assignment.

Currently my twin sister has herself, her husband, Maryssa and Makenna, Stephaney, Leigh Ann and baby Madyson under one roof in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house which gives her “plenty of material” for her blogs and #Cindyisms. 



Cindy Daniel often has to laugh to keep from crying and is looking forward to having an empty nest but can’t imagine when.  Her unique titles for blogs often have me spitting out my coffee!   The Pawning Planners- Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel A Twin Team blog I wrote about Empty Nest Syndrome includes a link for the infamous blog “Five Females Fighting” which was published on Cindy’s Blog Site. 

Twin Sisters- Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel
Although our dedicated readers may think we are a hilarious TwinTeam, many of our blogs and videos are based entirely on actual events that were far from funny at the time they happened but after surviving these “incidents” had a certain degree of humor.  #Cindyisms are based entirely
on our lives and experiences which is why they are so funny.  My twin sister is entertaining as Hell at events and has her own #Cindyism fan club of folks who CAN’T WAIT for her next posting from one day to the next!  Cindy Daniel Has Something To Say About Everything- Meet My GingerTwin Blog details her time saving tricks and theories but also gives you an idea of just how funny she can be about things she can’t change. 

Saucy Sidekick & GingerTwin Cindy Daniel At My Home AKA WorthamWorld
I believe that many of the things my twin says or does are based on her firm belief that she doesn’t care what others think “because unless they are paying my bills- their opinion has no real value.”

True to form, she’s right.  We were raised without a mother and often with an absent father and “put to work” at a very young age sweeping my Uncle’s chemical plant, pumping gas for my grandfather and filling vending machines.

After leaving home we have never asked our father for help or anytime else in our family because we knew the only way to pay our bills was by working and earning a living.

Hardships brought us closer than most siblings (even twins)because we weathered every storm together.

Travels Of The Texas Twins- Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel
Last week the air conditioner went on the blink at Cindy’s home AKA the DanielDivaDiggs.  My husband and I quickly found a way to help her pay the repair bill while her husband, Steve made a fan out of part of a vacuum cleaner and an old umbrella base in an attempt to cool the house. 

Steve Daniel Fashions A Base For A Broken Fan At The DanielDivaDiggs
Many of you have contacted us to ask why we help poor people who have no money and no one else to help them with a Dream Event and the answer is self explanatory- WE HAVE BEEN POOR!  WE HAVE STRUGGLED AND, WE UNDERSTAND. 

Our journey has never been easy- we had no parents to turn to when the economy left our husbands out of work in 2007.  Cindy has never collected child support from deadbeat dad of the twins (Michael Wayne Scherer).  We had only each other to rely on and sold all of our furniture at one point to pay the mortgages.  Sacrifice is going without to keep the twins school supplies, shoes and clothing as a priority- my twin and I put ourselves last and the twins first while the 30k in unpaid child support continues to grow higher since Michael Wayne Scherer is in jail again and requested a hold on child support while incarcerated.  It should be noted that the “other grandmother” Karen Scherer told everyone she met in Weatherford “how much she loved the twins” but never bought toys, clothing, or food for the twins or bothered to pay the minimum amount of court ordered child support ($200 a month for both children) for nearly 12 years.

 Raising grandchildren isn’t always easy- it requires a great deal of time and money on our part and we realize that when Leigh Ann and Alex leave with “Baby Maddy” we will miss them.

Having all three of your grandchildren under one roof an be chaotic but, it can also be fun.  My home is boring compared to Cindy’s where “something is always going on!” 

 My son moved out five years ago leaving my husband and I with Foxy Wortham (family pet). 

We love having the twins come over on the weekends for cooking parties and family fun.  The twins are like our grandchildren too and my son has no interest in having children which is a “sore spot” for his wife over at the HafeleHouse.  Perhaps one day he will change his mind but he remembers my struggle as a divorced young mother trying to make ends meet and my sister babysitting while I worked 2-3 jobs to keep him in private school.

Understanding the challenges (financial) our clients face is the main reason that I expanded Texas Twins Events to Texas Twins Treasures and later blended Texas Twins Events and Texas Twins Treasures to create The Pawning Planners where my family and I are changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time by taking trades.

The Little Pawners love estate liquidation sales, pawning parties and events and (like Cindy) keep guests and children alike entertained at events with their own insights and humor.

For my twin and I, Twinning is Winning when you have an “other half” to lean on.  Twins are best friends to one another and often two halves are better than one!

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