Party Planning With The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events Team Let’s Get It Started!

Every picture tells a story don’t it?  Well whether you are needing an event organizer or an officiant, everything begins with a contract detailing exactly what will be expected from myself and my staff as well as from you. 

 Party planning involves purchases as well as an hourly or “set fee” paid to me PRIOR to your event and no later than one week for a very good reason, if you decide to cancel an event due to family illness or another reason- I held your date and didn’t book someone else on the same date.  It’s wedding season and no one will “hold a date” for you without compensation first.   

The same is true for birthday parties and baby showers.  Purchases to decorate for the party are expensive and, at the buyers discretion based on the agreed budget set prior to signing the contract. 

 We also offer numerous other services such as wedding officiant, photography, estate liquidation, Pawning Parties, and other religious services and ceremonies.  Please note that a wedding and a rehearsal are TWO separate events and when paying for a wedding ceremony- your rehearsal is not included.  Wedding rehearsals require us to travel to the location and go over cetemony details which is effectively another service on its own. 

 I’m Learning When To Say No and I loan my inventory to clients on a regular basis but need to advise you that “custom bouquets” or “themes” are not part of the loaning process.  IE: if you have certain colors or themes- you will need to provide your own flowers as we DO NOT CREATE custom floral designs at no cost.  You can either borrow what we have on hand or buy it yourself.

I loan items as a courtesy and will not custom design anything without payment in advance- custom colors are expensive and anyone who “looks this gift horse in the mouth” by saying “oh, those aren’t my colors or my favorite flowers” needs to recognize that you can have everything you want darlin but, it’s at a cost to you.

Themed events are expensive because they are considered “specialty” type of events that use whatever the theme may be such as: fifties theme, cat theme, sea theme, etc.  If you want to stick with the theme plan, get ready to pay for it. 

 Don’t ask to borrow an apple and expect a salad bar.  What this means is that if we are providing you a service and loaning you items don’t attempt to “add on” or customize the agreement.  If you are hiring us for one thing we will not be expected to cover the decorations, the photography, the cake, etc.  the Bridezilla/Guestzilla Clause listed on this site is there for a reason and I refuse to work with anyone who has over the top demands and expects these ridiculous requests to be free of charge.  Last year I was forced to sue someone who didn’t pay my photographers or me for a wedding that lasted 5 hours and a rehearsal that lasted one hour.  The irony is that this “Diabolical Diva” went on social sites and called myself and my team unprofessional AFTER REFUSING to pay us AND demanding over 200 photos that I paid to develop.  When you hire a photographer the film is a separate fee and I had two photographers at her event that went unpaid.  The moral of this story is that I will never again continue to “add on” verbally without a contract or money UP FRONT.  Anyone that would stiff you and then slander you deserves to be sued and I make no apologies for being forced to file suit on two occasions due to theft of services.

Spiraling out of control with numerous phone calls, texts, emails and visits to my home office with more and more requests, I recognized early on that there would be problems and looking back, still kick myself for not cutting her loose early and wishing her luck.  

Two weeks ago, I was contacted regarding a wedding in Mineral Wells and agreed to officiate.  Within days the bride contacted me needing a wedding dress, a dress for her daughter and “under the sea themed” items.  Don’t borrow an egg and ask me to make you an omelette.  I can’t make this stuff up ya all and I know outrageous behavior when I see it!

Please have a budget in mind when you ask for a party planner, after this weekends double baby shower, I realize the expense of decorations needed to pull it off exceeded the budget and will now require payment prior to the event if the deposit doesn’t cover the expenses.

I operate a business and like any business, if I’m selling you a product you need to understand that a la carte options don’t include everything which is why Texas Twins Events offers year round discounts as well as pricing far below our competitors. 

 Special Orders are called “special” for a reason, they are custom and custom orders for floral designs are expensive and require 4-6 weeks notice and payment prior to your event. If you want a “tropical theme” I can create it but, it’s not going to be free or on loan.  You will be buying the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutenniers, and corsages.  Why?  Because I can’t just “whip up” floral designs to match your theme or colors without spending hours creating them after the expense of finding and buying the flowers.


I have beautiful bouquets available to loan you and if you don’t like the colors or the styles, please go buy your own floral designs and save us both a lot of aggrevation.  I’m trying to do you a favor by loaning my inventory to save you money but, if it isn’t good enough for you or the fact that someone else has used it bothers you, don’t ask me to make you something new and not exiect to pay me for it.

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