Laugh And The World Will Laugh With You-Meet My GingerTwin Cindy Daniel Of The Pawning Planners 

Wherever we go and whatever we do, my saucy twin sister can make anyone laugh with her RedneckReality styled Texas Humor with a Twist. 

Twin Sisters- Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel The Pawning Planners
I’ve always been the serious and driven half of us with OCD issues of striving for perfection in an imperfect world while Cindy has the ability to take any situation and make it funny.  I laugh more when I’m with Cindy because we are far more “fun loving” as a twin team Meet The Pawning Planners even when Cindy is poking fun at me, we don’t offend each other because twins are like that. 

The Pawning Planners & Little Pawners
When you have two sets of twins in your family, traveling together is one hilarious adventure right after another because we have compensating personalities and often disagree about everything from the temperature to the restaurant around here. 

Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham at Turk’s in Dana Point, CA
My twin sister has never met a stranger and often invites homeless people to join us for dinner as she did at Turk’s since I am always writing the checks and because she never worries about our safety.  I worry all the time and Cindy is far more focused on her “the more the merrier” view of our journeys. 

 We recently took a road trip together and while Makenna (my little Mini Me) and I were focused on making good time- Cindy and Maryssa wanted to stop at every truck stop and search for treasures because they both love to dig through stuff in search of finding something unique.  Going to a thrift shop or flea market with them is an all day affair!  Cindy spends hours going through the entire store while I am only focused on looking at old furniture and antiques that she calls “dust collectors.” 

Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney
Last week I took Makenna to the dentist to be evaluated for braces and ironically, she’s excited about needing them.  My teeth were crooked too while Maryssa and Cindy never had these issues.  My son, Robert had to wear braces three times because he had the worst teeth in our entire family and also because he wouldn’t wear his retainer. 

Stephanie and Robert Hafele My Daughter in law and son
I’m hoping that Makenna adjusts to her braces and spacer without too much discomfort and wears her retainer because braces are expensive.  Most of my family are good natured “goofballs” with a quick laugh and easy smile so Cindy and I realize the importance of Makenna being comfortable about her smile. 

My Niece Leigh Ann Blais With Makenna and Maryssa
Leigh Ann also had to wear braces with her sister Stephaney “lucking out” on the orthodontist trip and being blessed with a straight smile. 

Stephaney Mahaney Translator For Texas Twins Events
My multigenerational team of family members always view our cup as half full rather than half empty which gives us a “positive spin” when things go wrong with our wedding and event services.  My son and I often have a meltdown when things go wrong with everyone else laughing and “rolling with it.” 

Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney on location TCGPWA Parade Fort Worth
Last week the bride who had planned a beautiful park wedding with us and borrow bouquets and boutenniers from my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory to ensure beautiful photos, apparently came down with the flu and was too ill to complete the cetemony.  When something goes awry we term it an “incident.”  We’ve had a few of these “incidents” with the Big Mouthed Bridesmaid, The Tardy Party Bride, The Bee Sting Brigade, The Bloody Nose Bully, The Broken Bouquet and now, The Barfing Bride! 

         As I work on rescheduling the wedding- it becomes apparent to me that life is far easier when you “roll with it” and, perhaps my GingerTwin is right- I should “lighten up.”  My rigid scheduling and strive to do everything in my life on a timeline can be stressful and I’m rebuilding the “barf bouquet” with my sister laughing in the background saying “wow- just when you think you’ve seen EVERYTHING- something completely unexpected comes along!”  That’s my twin for you, she can find anything funny and she always does. 

TwinTeam- Wendy Wortham, Brianna and Cindy Daniel TCGPWA Parade
 Makenna was as horrified as I was over the beautiful bouquet becoming a “barf bucket” while on location while the rest of my family found this hilarious.  Sometimes it’s better to laugh with them than cry which is exactly what I did!

Wendy M Wortham We Take Trades-The Pawning Planners