Fun With Family and Friends-Six Flags Holiday In the Park…Travels of the Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team

It’s no secret that my twin sister, Cindy Daniel and I love to visit Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington.  What may be a “better kept secret” is that we don’t spend all of our time on rides these days- instead we may ride a few and spend the rest of our time watching the older children and Cindy’s grand twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney. 

Little Pawner- Maryssa Ann Mahaney
Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney
Maryssa Mahaney, Samantha Legget, Makenna Mahaney and Leigh Ann Blais
Wendy Wortham with Tammi Leggett
Group Photo Texas Twins Events Team
Makenna Mahaney, Stephaney Mahaney, Leigh Ann Blais , Samantha Leggett and Maryssa Mahaney
While its true that years ago Cindy and I would be riding the more thrilling attractions- we don’t need to get “twirled upside down” to have a good time anymore and, many of these twisty turns attractions would make us dizzy anyhow.  When did these rides change from being fun and exciting to nauseating?  Somewhere in our forties but we are happy to sit back sipping hot cocoa while watching the older kids scream with glee from above. 

Wendy Wortham and Tammy Leggett Directing Family Photos
Trying to get the kids in one place at the same time is as challenging as orchestrating a wedding- everyone is here or there and often, in a hurry to get somewhere else while we “hold up the production” by asking for a retake.  Taking three suv’s for my crew was standard since everyone was somewhere else volunteering and dropping off toys prior to the 4PM opening time at Six Flags yesterday.  My son and his wife, Robert and Stephaney Hafele, had opted out of our excursion since they were in Colorado on a ski trip. 

Stephaney Mahaney with twins Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney and my twin, Cindy Daniel
My niece’s, Leigh Ann and Stephaney still love to ride the scarier rides with Makenna while Maryssa prefers to hang out with us and isn’t at all interested in “falling from the sky.”  While Six Flags may have something for everyone, Disneyland will always be my “hands down” favorite with Pirates of the Carribean and It’s a Small World along with the Haunted Mansion being the most unique attractions I’ve ever seen and best of all “middle aged friendly” to boot!

I officiated a wedding at a fun park a few years ago and had a great time.  Creative ceremonies are always one of my favorites.  With couples getting away from tradition, anything “out of the ordinary” can throw a memorable twist into the event.

Today, I’m off to meet my New Years Eve couple and pick up my son and daughter in law at DFW and finish up my Christmas shopping list with Cindy.  Will we get it all “wrapped up” prior to Christmas Eve?  Probably not but we are game to give it “our best shot!

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