Cindyism For The Holidays- Meet My Ginger Twin…Cindy Daniel of The Pawning Planners 

Trudging through our Christmas List, the Little Pawners have added a volleyball tether which requires cement and a hole- it’s a good thing my brother in law, Steve Daniel is home because Cindy and I are far from perfect on our “do it yourself” projects at the DanielDivaDiggs aka Cindy’s House.   

Makenna and Maryssa Mahaney- The Little Pawners of Texas Twins Events Team
Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham- The Pawning Planners
 Every year we scramble until the last minute with combined volunteer efforts at local charities, fund drives and scheduled events while Cindy (my Ginger Twin) also works part time for Proctor & Gamble at Walmart. Merchandising isn’t “easy work.”  You’re on your feet all day stocking the items and building displays while using a tablet to answer questions and take photos to send to corporate.  WalMart employees often try to “dump their load” on brand ambassadors and keeping a sense of humor is key to getting along with them.  My twin sister has the best sense of humor of
I’ve ever met, albeit a bit on the sarcastic side.   
Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham
I call her the Ginger Twin because we are redheads.  Our friends think we are “always at WalMart” because I often bring Cindy lunch on her break. She works part time between two WalMarts and often tells me the “what’s up” with employees she works with by adding her own language that we call Cindyism.  Cindyism is a form of “hillbilly talk” with country undertones that artfully “get her point across.”

 Cindy Daniel also comes up with Cindyisms based on her adventures at WalMart while dealing with employees and customers who think she is employed by WalMart. 

 Yesterday, a WalMart employee who is notorious for shoving her workload of stock items on others approached my twin sister with two carts of merchandise that were other vendors and said “oh, there you are, I need you to stock these because I don’t have time.”  My quick witted sidekick sister took a look at the inventory and replied “not my bag, not my trip!”  The girl was obviously shocked and said “but I really need your help.”  My sister looked at her and said “darlin I didn’t give you permission to hang your clothes on my line.”  Cindy walked off while the confused girl tried to understand the depth of the conversation.  Today she approached Cindy after apparently repeating Cindyisms (my twin sisters observations on life) her friends and family had apparently told her that my sister was funny.

Cindy Daniel is funny and she is quick to let you know what she’s thinking too.  As we try to “run down” the list of needy children and seniors at the Senior Center while staying within budget, my twin sister advises me that “we need to talk to the older kids,  cutting their wish list is in order here.”  She’s right, Christmas is for the kids and we will broach the subject with the older kids at this weekends wedding.  Trying to teach our older children that “Christmas is for giving- not getting” is proving to be a challenge around here.

Sometimes I can actually understand a Cindyism but, often I’m completely in the dark.  After visiting the print shop for our latest adventure  in the comedy RedneckReality reality, Texas Humor with a Twist industry for my latest website, http://www.texastwinstreasures.com the screen printing guy came out and asked where my sister gets these saucy terms- he was impressed!  I told him my sister watches a lot while “visiting” at our events and can spot a problem a mile away.  She sums up most of life’s problems with her comedy version of why something isn’t going to work and often, how to fix it.

 The truth is that my Ginger Twin can whip them out as fast as she can talk and keeping up with all of them to save for tshirts isn’t easy.

I’ve decided to color code the Cindyisms with our website info.  The idea behind selling tshirts is to have funding for folks that don’t have any money to hire us or anything of value to trade for services.  These events are “sponsored” by me to ensure that anyone regardless of their income can have a beautiful Life Event. 

 Changing the wedding and events industry  one family at a time with my multigenerational team is often an adventure in itself, but when you’re copilot (and twin sister) is as quick witted as mine is, you will at least have a good belly laugh…

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