Family Fun At Water Parks With Wild Rides & The Little Pawners…

For the past few months, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney have been counting the days for their birthday party at Hurricane Harbor.  Packing up both of our suv’s to pick up their friends, Cindy and I also tried to think of everything we might forget while buying ice, sunscreen, goggles and hats at Walmart. 

Weatherford Walmart With The Little Pawners
 Trying to find bathing suits last week was fairly funny since everything that Makenna liked- Maryssa hated and vice versa.

Since their mom, Stephaney Mahaney was going with us but busy working all week, Cindy continued to try on suits for Steph while I took photos and texted to her which also added humor to this event. 

Stephaney Mahaney With Our “Latest Little Pawner” Madyson Blais
Unless you are a swimsuit model- bathing suit season sucks for all of us who can find something wrong with our arms, our legs, our abdomens and even our butts!  However, public water parks bring a host of folks who could care less what they look like in a swimsuit!

Yesterday while “people watching” with Cindy and her husband Steve, I saw side boobs, uniboobs, butt cracks, tattoos & some of the most unique bikini combinations I have ever seen.  Looking around- I told Cindy and Stephaney that perhaps we put far too much thought into our “outfits.”  We all laughed and agreed that water parks are a hodge podge of the sleek and sexy along with the overweight and often underdressed public. 

The twins and their friends took Stephaney and I to the long lines of scary rides and slides.  On one of the particularly high slides, I attempted to join Mel and “take the walk of shame” five flights to the bottom.  My niece, Stephaney grabbed my arm and said “oh no- we are all in this together!” 

Cindy and I have been going to water parks, fun parks and other “family entertainment” events for years as adults and even as children at Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and more but as adults- our children (and grandchildren) often have more energy than we do these days.  Back in the “old days” we often packed lunches and drinks.  These days, bringing food into parks is prohibited and I’m certain it’s due to the amount of income that a $42 pizza or $6 drink which is the “average” cost of food and drinks.  As children, Cindy and I along with our little brother and older sister, often had sandwiches in our Open Road camper at amusement parks and when we went to the beach- we had what we called “sand sandwiches.”  If you’ve never had a picnic on the beach- you should try it one day to get a better grasp of the sand sandwich LOL.

Up until my 30’s, I was always “game” for a spinning roller coaster or ride that dropped from the top.  However, these “thrill rides” are for the young and not the old ya all. 

Riding the “scary rides” and keeping up with your grandchildren isn’t as easy as the young folks think.

Since our wedding and events slow to a crawl in August due to the Texas heat, we have three more weeks of summer “fun” with the twins along with an invitation to go to Splash Kingdom near Cindy’s house.

As I walk through my home this morning with my niece and grandnieces “conked out” from the sun and fun yesterday, I consider taking a nap myself.  Although Cindy and I have no time for rest as we prepare to go to the gym and get in shape.

Seven Hours Later & Exhausted- We Limp To The Parking Lot
Will Cindy come up with a few of her RedneckReality #Cindyisms at the gym as well as anywhere else we go?  You can count on it.

Wendy M Wortham