Appraisal Appointments Are Often Funny- Lights, Cameras & Laughs With Pawning Planners Clients…

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “going in blind” before but do you really understand it?  Appraisal Appointments are often our first meeting with clients after a phone call or email and, they can often be pretty funny based on the client! 

Stephanie Hafele Photographer For Texas Twins Events On Location
Nearly half or more of our clients have no money which brings them to The Pawning Planners site- No money? No problem- We Take Trades! Meet The Pawning Planners!

Our clients are often even funnier than my family and we’ve found the ones who don’t have any money are often the most generous when we come to their homes.  They offer us a beverage or even something to eat when our other clients (affluent and able to book through Texas Twins Events) often don’t bother to invite us to join them for the wedding rehearsal dinner!  Why?  Because rich folks can often be stingy while poor folks are far more compassionate and willing to share what little they have which is why our bartered events are always far more fun than our paid events. 

 How do folks with no money become so generous?  My twin sister, Cindy Daniel gets some of her best material on location because she is a self professed hillbilly and explains it like this “poor folks have always had to share while rich folks have never had to.”  While this may not make a lot of sense it’s true and proved time and time again with this #Cindyism “Poor folks share even though they don’t have much because they have class and manners that rich folks weren’t born with and can’t afford to buy.” 

Let me break it down for you- if you’ve never went to bed hungry you’ve never been poor.  Poor folks throw everything into the kitty and share it equally.  We’ve been poor so we understand poor folks which is why I started these unique and diverse businesses that directly target low to middle class consumers.  Go visit a venue or a florist or even another wedding officiant or photographer and tell them you don’t have any money then let me know how it works out for you because it won’t.  

Over the years I’ve worked with a many families who had plenty of money and plenty who didn’t (603 families) and my team and I always had a great time with Pawning Planners clients but often had to work far harder (unless you were Texas Twins Events LBGT clients).

Our LBGT client base generates 40/60% of my paying client base.  Because LBGT clients are often higher wage earners and honored we are helping them- they often insist on paying myself and my team since they are well aware that we volunteer, support and sponsor our friends within the LBGT community.

On Location- Wendy Wortham With Rebecca Holder & Christy Bowman
I’ve never had a problem with LBGT couples because they are easy to work with and honored for our
contribution to their Dream Event.

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham- The Pawning Planners A TwinTeam

The truth is that Pawning Planners clients are far more fun than Texas Twins Events clients because they are up front, honest, and honored that someone is willing to help them even though they don’t have any money! 

On Location- Wendy Wortham Officiates A Wedding At A Karate Studio? You Bet, We Needed A Building!!!
When you don’t have any money and you don’t have any friends or family to help you with a Dream Event, you call us because we are the “Friends of the Friendless.” 

Going through someone’s stuff to find a treasure isn’t easy- it’s often harder than you think especially when they are a hoarder or, they had a hoarder for a relative who left them all of the stuff.

Hillbillies are funny, entertaining and friendly!  They often love to sit and visit with us while we are digging for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

Going Away Party For Soldier Brody Nolan- Texas Twins Events Team Members Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney With Stephaney Mahaney
“Visiting” with my clients gives me an indication of their personality and whether or not the “Pawning Process” will work because I often “weed out” problem customers up front.  I’ve met 3 Bridezillas in 6 years and 1 Mouthy Mother In Law which is why I have clauses in my contracts for outrageous behavior.  The Burleson event that I wanted to back out of due to the mother in law turned out fine but that was after I threatened to leave.  The Trinity Park Event mother in law who showed up drunk to the rehearsal and caused a real problem attended the wedding with no problem after we shared a “coming to Jesus meeting” advising her that outrageous behavior is unacceptable. 

The Wonderful Botanic Garden Wedding- Photos Courtesy Of Stephanie Hafele For Texas Twins Events. Wedding bouquet & boutenier on loan from Wendy Wortham
Loaning clients inventory so they won’t have to purchase items is unheard of in today’s wedding and events industry.  But, I know my client base and therefore, know their needs. 

Going into these businesses, I had my eyes wide open because I recognized and realized that it would take money if I wanted to make money.  My share of the sale of our previous home funded the equipment, the websites, development and upholstery costs along with fabrics used to refurbish items.

Once we are on location and “ready to roll” my son will tell you that something always goes wrong.  Well, it usually does and overcoming the issue by “circling the wagons” and using crisis control with my team often gives us a few humorous moments of hilarity all on its own.  From using the panties of the bridesmaids to rebuild the bouquet that was run over to grabbing superglue from our “emergency kit of tricks” you could say we’ve seen it all.

Knowing how to overcome issues takes practice and patience but having a team is key to overcoming any issue.

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