A Love of Antiques and My EBay Store, Texas Twins Treasures Funding Dream Events 

Creating a business to give anyone regardless of their income a Dream Event?  You bet, I consistently for nearly four years have provided the flowers, the photography, and officiated ceremonies of hundreds of weddings and religious ceremonies because I believe in supporting my community.  In fact I believe in it enough to fund many families out of my own pocket or, by selling items through my Ebay store, Texas Twins Treasures to ensure a beautiful ceremony.  I live everyday being the person I’ve never met and my entire family are involved in changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas.

 My twin sister, Cindy Daniel and I have always loved trudging through a thrift store, garage sale or second hand outlet.  Cindy is my hilarious sidekick twin and the Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney work for tips as flower girls and ring bearers at many events along with my son and his wife, Robert and Stephanie Hafele who do the photography and videography for Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners.


We grew up shopping at the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores in California and it would be years before we realized that everyone else didn’t shop these unique and interesting venues for unclaimed treasures with us. 

 Often asked where we found an outfit we were wearing or purse we had found, my sister and I learned to mix vintage pieces from our thrift store adventures with discount store items creating a unique outfit or ensemble.

My love of antiques goes back as far as I can remember. Perhaps I’ve loved ornate period furniture pieces more than clothing, shoes and accessories all along and only realized it recently.

Cindy Daniel often is horrified at the condition of swaps or trades and tries to talk me out of the “trade” with her iconic #Cindyism theories because she hates uncomfortable furniture and can’t see past the current condition of the item to the magic I can do to “bring it back.”  “The PRETTIEST tree in the ORCHARD can have the most TWISTED roots!” 

 Our homes are filled with refurbished antiques and, I often have pieces at my upholsterer as well as overflowing into my garage in a constant state of staining, painting or refinishing.

Opening an eBay store in 2009, after my husband and I decided to sell our home now that we had become empty nester parents, I knew it would he unrealistic to find another home large enough to accommodate my lifelong collection of cherished antique furniture. I would need to pick and choose the most prized pieces and sell the others- tragic.

My husband Matthew Wortham has often reminded me that I have never purchased furniture for comfort. Instead, I invest in pieces solely based on beauty. Lines, curves, carvings and structure drive my investment decisions. Buying and restoring antique furnishings is an investment my friend as the upholstery, labor fees and more can easily triple the original purchase price.

When I decided to start this business Texas Twins Events, at a time in my life that would coincide with selling our oversized home and downsizing, I decided that selling my prized pieces would help with advertising and other business related expenditures.

I often receive emails asking for showroom directions to Design Divas, the truth is that no showroom exists, our homes are the showrooms and many of the rooms in my new homes are “staged ” as my husband and I like many others, use only one or two rooms in our home and I have rotated pieces and collector items every two to three months since I can recall to dust, or clean them when doing so.

My fondness of beautiful wood is known far and wide. A stunning staircase, chest, chair, bed. You name it, carved wood is and always will be beautiful to me. Quality and craftsmanship are hard to find with today’s quality standards.

I’m often sad to see a piece go, and then magically, run across another “project” that will the void of the piece sold.

I’m hoping this better explains to those who ask after googling Wendy Wortham Texas why there are so many different businesses associated with the name and also why our showroom is not listed on the internet.

It’s Saturday and while I have a wedding in Arlington this evening and Cindy is staying in Weatherford with our darling twins, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney, Anne Alexander plans to accompany me and maybe even hit a few thrift shops along our way in search of my next “project.” 

 My husband has always said that I should have started a furniture business but , truth be told , I have always had many interests and no interest in investing myself solely on a particular interest or field probably due to hyperactivity.

I love all of my interests- my family and community, my wedding business, my branding and promotion business, my furniture restoration business and my eBay store as well as consultation commitments, often I also am a design consultant and events specialist as well.

With a history of health issues I have never expected to be here looking forward to my twin and I seeing our fabulous at fifty birthday party together this November.

Live life to the fullest, don’t put off till tomorrow time with your family, your friends, your community and pursuits that enjoy.

Tomorrow is a gift that may not come, today is a treasure that you must not take for granted.

Rev. Wendy Wortham