Why I Need To Keep My Sense of Humor

I’m constantly amazed at the often comical mishaps that NO ONE could have expected, least of all-me!

Cindy is better at “rolling with it” than I am. We are identical twins that have mirror or, more commonly referred to, compensating personalities.

A perfectionist, my family doesn’t understand why I am so driven that even the tiniest detail is planned for and executed properly. I’ve always been this way, guests at my home stop me from cleaning up their dishes too quickly. I can’t walk through a room without straightening or fluffing pillows, and heaven forbid that I might find a dish in my sink- I can’t help myself.

The thing is, public events often involve the public! Therein lies the chaos.

The bride who, due to seasonal allergies gets a bloody nose walking down the aisle, the old boyfriend showing up serenading the bride (always inappropriate), an allergic reaction to the bubbles blowing thru the wedding guests, bee stings, slips, falls and I can’t leave out the in-laws with little or no class who fail to act with dignity honoring the person or persons the event is being held for!

Yea buddy, I’d like to tell you I haven’t witnessed this first hand- but the truth is, I have.

At one wedding, the seafood was set out in the blazing sun (against my strong demands that the caterers WAIT until after the ceremony to serve the food in the first place, the brides grandmother instructed them to set up) which, after the bride refused to come out of the dressing room for over an hour, was a total disaster!

If you have an outdoor event, I always strongly encourage lots of bottled water and options other than punch- you could have a diabetic guest or other special needs that need to be addressed.

Leaving names out, last summer, we had guests upset there was not an open bar filling water bottles with vodka. As soon as Cindy informed me of this issue, I found the culprits and emptied the bottles.

Having a liquid face lift is another mistake a few days prior to your wedding. We had one bride that had lumps from the dermatologist failing to smooth out the Juvederm and she was forced to wait 6 months for her face to return to normal.

Nobody looks good with over plump lips. If your groom can’t kiss you without hurting you, the romantic moment is lost.

Wearing too tight compression garments on a hot summer day in Texas is also on the things not to do list. You don’t want to have a dress two sizes too small that would require you being squeezed into girdles and binding corsets on top of a too tight gown with possibly uncomfortable shoes to boot.

Comfort can be sexy if planned properly. Barefoot brides are beautiful too! Stretch, spandex and a quick swap to flats can be a refreshing change on the dance floor. Don’t dance? No problem, here’s the fun part-neither do most of your guests! Go out there and cut a rug, sing along to your favorite music and have some fun- you’ve earned it!

Cherish your special day with your family and friends. Marriage opens a new door in everyone’s lives with new families and memories and, while there may be some unexpected mishaps, we want it to be just as perfect as you do even with the occasional unexpected thrown in 🙂20140512-213339.jpg