Unification Ceremonies and Marriage Vows

The options to personalizing a wedding ceremony are numerous. The following are a few ways to represent the union in a marriage. Some are symbolic; others are rooted in rich tradition and culture.

The Family Unity ceremony, Rose Giving, Hand Blessing and Unity Candle Ceremonies are all beautiful ways to add a contemporary twist to your celebration, making it all the more memorable for both you and your guests. Two-become-one motifs are the perfect way to round out your ceremony theme. Add any one one or more of the following Unification Ceremonies, as they are not only a symbol of togetherness; they’re also flexible elements of a wedding. These ceremonies can be opened up to include important family members, such as the bridal couples parents. Children from previous marriages can also play a part, as can the entire congregation in a smaller party. Candle and Rose Ceremonies are often easy choices readily adaptable to incorporate into your wedding ceremony.

Rose Giving is a flexible, informal ceremony especially suited to the interfaith or non religious wedding, especially a garden wedding. This Unification Ceremony also conveys how to use the rose and its symbolism in difficult times to forgive each other.

The lighting of the Unity Candle is a relatively recent and popular addition to wedding ceremonies. The Unity Candle ceremony uses two candles with a large pillar candle, called the Unity Candle in the center.

There are many reasons for Breaking of the Glass Ceremony. Symbolically, the breaking of the glass reminds us of the fragile nature of life. The custom has also come to symbolize the shattering of the old and the beginning of the new.

The Breaking of the Glass represents a turning point in your lives as you pledge your love today and make a new commitment to one another. This is the time for creating a new life together.

Whether its a House Blessing, Unification Ceremony, Traditional Marriage, Baptism, Anniversary or Renewal of Vows, I like to discuss options with couples prior to any event to ensure specific wishes are met.

Your ceremony can easily be changed to include poetry, hand written vows, or any changes you wish.

Rehearsal for those who have never been married before often ensures perfection during the actual ceremony.

Love is a gift, it should be treasured.