“I’ve given you my all there’s nothing more to borrow.” Seals & Crofts

Well where to begin? It’s been chaos central (as usual). My nephew was picked up while out on a felony bond for cocaine possession and didn’t bother to attend my fathers funeral. Shortly afterwards he was picked up on 2 more felony possession charges. I’m fearful my brother will have a heart attack due to the stress of all this to be honest with you. Addicts are the most self destructive people in the world.

For about two weeks now I’ve been getting texts from fake numbers through a masked texting service regarding one of my clients, Ashley. This has never happened and frankly I hope it never happens again. After calling her several times to discuss this issue, the texts spiraled while I was at lunch after leaving TDCJ Darrington Unit with my bride.

The latest threat from textem? Now my “reputation” would be affected if I married Ashley. Humph. I marry death row inmates and have been getting death threats regarding LBGT and Prison Wedding’s FOR YEARS now. I always laugh when people make idiotic threats.

Hell, I’ve got a waiting list into 2025 save that BS. My reputation is built on me. Not who I marry. I marry death row inmates. I’m not responsible for my clients choices OR whether they’ve been in a failed relationship before either. Grow up. My job is to plan, execute and exceed my clients expectations AND I do. I’ve never advertised and don’t need to.

If you want to threaten me with something you had better come up with something credible. Oh wait you can’t. Idiots. You certainly cannot tarnish my reputation. I’m internationally sought after.

By the way, Ashley and I had a great day doing her bridal photos trollers. If you missed them they are on my page. I then took her to a classy no holds barred whatever she wanted hundred dollar celebration lunch at Pappadeux where she live streamed and showed off the beautiful ring I gave her. I spoiled her after weeks of you trolls victimizing her. Eat your hearts out.

I had a few missed calls from jail last night. My niece has been sober for about 5 months so I was a little alarmed but after driving 18 hours also asleep when these calls came in. At 5AM I read a text “this is Tiaras mother can you answer her call?” Being wise as well as quick witted, I put two and two together and NOW knew the jail calls were FROM one of my clients.

I then hopped on FB to find mutual friends and sent them DM’s to find out what was going on. I then went on to tackle about 25 or 30 of my 367 emails. The list grows everyday and with my schedule, I’m never caught up. The majority of my emails are from production companies, journalists or for prison weddings. No one does what I do for my clients AND what I do costs money. I don’t have any competition BECAUSE no one else will do what I do for my clients. I work 7 days a week and haven’t HAD to work in YEARS. I work because I have a great time, I’m good at it and best of all meet incredible people. People who become a fabric of my life like Tiara. Funny side story, Tiara was the bride who ran out of gas and called me to save her. I did. She’s always been thankful but I would have never left a client stranded. She now knows that which is why she called me when she got picked up last night. She called the right person.

I’m in Arkansas today and Missouri in the morning then I’m back in Fort Worth again for my first grandson, Oliver’s 2nd birthday party tomorrow.

I kept wondering why in the heck my client, Tiara was picked up AND on her birthday no less? Damnit. I was worried about her.

Fielding a few calls and answering emails I glanced at the weather. More ice and snow. Shit. I thought we were out of the woods. Im a weather bug. Constantly looking at weather. Constantly planning around the weather. Argh.

I then located the best hotel in Wichita Falls and factored the distance from TDCJ Hughes Unit where I’m scheduled Tuesday to Wichita Falls as I’m scheduled with several clients there on Weds and started contacting my clients.

I then researched the best hotel in Wichita Falls while I waited to see who wanted to reschedule, who couldn’t because their license was about to expire and who couldn’t afford a hotel room. I then booked 2 rooms and told my clients I would treat them to hotel rooms and dinner Tuesday night and everyone could bunk up at the hotel about 13 minutes from TDCJ Allred Unit.

Hopefully I’m out of Gatesville by 3PM for the 3.5 hour drive to Wichita Falls. We will have a good time dining and shopping for wedding dresses Tuesday night then leave around 8:30 after breakfast to head to Allred Unit.

At 8:17AM Tiaras mom sent me a text. I’d already messaged Tequila and Quintisha both mutual friends. I hadn’t heard back from them yet. I was hoping someone knew what happened. Tiara was arrested on warrants for speeding tickets she hadn’t paid. Next I needed to know who could get a release of property, where the car was and which bondsmen would be the most reasonably priced.

The cost to get the car out today her mother told me was $265. I immediately got her moms Venmo info and sent $100 so did Quintisha and Tequila.

Finally Tiara called me from the jail. One ticket was out of The Colony. Another from Richardson and the other from Plano. Clients please contact me if you need a referral to a traffic attorney.

Next I began getting ready for a trip to the post office and headed to County. I then called to confirm last minute changes for my grandsons birthday party and returned to FB to address one set of twins bullying another set of twins. I know both sets of twins. So do all of the other twins commenting on the posted and tagged screen shots of a set of twins with Asperger’s Syndrome who have difficulty communicating.

I then made a FB post about my disdain for bullying and the fact that not everyone has visible disabilities because they don’t and left for the post office on my way to County. I had 3 County Jails today. I only have 2 tomorrow thank goodness because the birthday party is at 3PM and I’m going to be hauling ass back to Texas.

A production person (obviously low level or intern) called me. I take all calls but if you are an idiot be advised that my tolerance for stupidity is low. “Is this Wendy?” “Yes I just answered your call as I do all of my calls by stating this is Wendy.” Good Lord.

“I read about you in the New York Times and have googled you and wanted to offer you an exciting opportunity to sign an agreement. Are you already under contract? We are an award winning production company.”

What a waste of my time with other calls rolling in. I get so sick of these stupid pitches and equally stupid production contracts. Do people really sign this one sided shit? Hell I have 29 of these dumb contracts collecting dust on my desk right now. Move along. I’m interviewing ghost writers for my life story and it’s a helluva story. You couldn’t make up or script my life with directions AND a road map. I don’t need media. Media needs me.

Me “I’m not interested.” Her “Don’t you want to be famous?” Me “I already am. You found me didn’t you?” I hung up.

I was asked by one of my clients “have you seen that Nancy Grace show about women who marry inmates?” No. But Nancy is using people who love an inmate SOLELY for ratings. Guilt by Association. I’m sure she told the folks who didn’t know they would be criticized for loving an inmate some sappy shit like “we want to share your story” or “people want to know what it’s like to be married to an inmate” or “you could tell people your journey” Bla Bla Bla. Nancy they aren’t criminals. They are people who love a criminal. Focus on the people who love an inmate and you might have better ratings.

US media LITERALLY makes it appear that anyone who loves an inmate is either a psycho or desperate. Neither are true.

I know thousands of people who love an inmate. THOUSANDS.

Tiara’s mother called me back. A lady in front of me at the kiosk threw her label trash on the floor. This annoyed me. I can’t stand laziness or entitled behavior. I decided to say something. Frankly I’m too damn old not to. Watch yourself with old people we’ve got no effs to give. Our tolerance ran out years ago. “Excuse me your just dropped papers.” Turning with a salty look that trust me I can match any day of the week, this cranky old broad said “there should be a trash can there. I’m throwing trash there so someone has to pick it up.” Incredible. Stupid people. I had no idea there were so many in the world but I’ve learned that there are far more than I previously had thought. Me “you have to walk by a trash can to get back to your car. People like you get on my last nerve. What makes you think that you are so special that others need to pick up after you?” Her “I’m giving someone a job and it’s none of your business what I do.” I looked back and said “people like you are why I wonder if not disciplining children created a wave of entitled adults living off their parents because they are too lazy to support themselves or pick up after themselves or have any degree of others or the environment.” Her “watch yourself.” Me “I walk into maximum security prisons lady. Watch yourself.” She walked out.

On to meet my client. Listening to Thin Lizzy. Quintisha calls me to get Tiaras moms Venmo. She’s worried. We all are. Spending the night in jail on her birthday? The kids have a competition tomorrow and their uniforms are in the car. Quintisha is in New Orleans with her daughters at a competition.

One of my TDCJ clients calls me to tell me she has the paperwork from Clements. Knowing the law library has been screwing up the paperwork, I tell her “send me photos of the documents.” I was right. A photocopy isn’t an acceptable ID. They didn’t use a Certified Offender Form. No clerk will accept it. I give her the email for Access To Courts to send them documentation of the consistent incorrect documentation being sent out from Clements. Damnit.

Finishing my day and headed to my next state, I can’t get over the idiotically ignorant statement posted on my LinkedIn post from Sandy the reality star of Wedding Island that pissed me off then and still does now with her biased statement that “100% of people who marry an inmate divorce.”

Really Sandy? Who do you know that married an inmate? You might want to educate yourself before posting wildly inaccurate information.

Discovery had called me from Beverly Hills while at a follow up appointment after my lumpectomy in 2014. “Is this Wendy?” Me “I just said this is Wendy.” Them “I’m with Discovery and we want to do a show about your business. Let’s schedule a Skype call.”

I had never used Skype. The only preparation I was given was to be told “just show us your big personality.” What in the Sam Hill Hell that meant I had no idea. I kept losing the connection. Eventually they never called back. Good riddance. Some 20 year old PA calling me today with a song and dance about getting famous can save that load of crap. Hard pass. There’s a DIFFERENCE between FAMOUS and INFAMOUS.

Sandy didn’t exactly get portrayed in a positive light on that one season show either.

For the record Sandy, I have salty language myself but I also have experience in the prison wedding industry which is WHY I’m so sought after. I’m also not judgmental.

You seemed to be upset that I perform prison weddings? Hmm. Trust me buddy I’m not. I have an awesome time meeting amazing people, traveling and getting paid.

Narrow minded people who want to make as much money as they can from each and every client like yourself should open your eyes, your mind and your opinions to the reality that not everyone can afford a $20-30k wedding and in this economy CERTAINLY aren’t going to be “splurging” on one either.

I’m booked through the next 2.5 years. How’s it going for you over there with your nose in the air????