Now and then I run across someone who has an issue with “my other clients.” I cut these people loose if it didn’t in the first place.

2021-2022 is booked solid so declining a booking request is an everyday experience this year for me.

For the record, my twin sister, Cindy is the sassy and witty twin who comes up with Pawning Planner quotes used on our apparel like. I’m neither funny or witty about authentic quotes. That’s Cindy. She can come up with an original quote in seconds. They are always based in truth and more often than not, experience.

Why and how people that don’t matter to us think we value THEIR opinions I have no idea.

My clients and family ARE my CONGREGATION. Everyone else is the CHOIR. My back is at them not my ATTENTION.

Today after turning DOWN an inquiry for Paris, Texas next weekend when I have 2 Vow Renewals, a baptism and 2 Federal Weddings, one person thought she would run right over to FB and message me.

Why? She had an issue with my OTHER CLIENTS. You know the people who MATTER to me.

Apparently, this person “had an issue with my participation in LBGT weddings” as well AS prison weddings. Who cares? I don’t care. My clients don’t care.

Years ago, I instructed my website designer to “update all of my sites in such a way that if people on them did NOT realize we welcome diversity that they were either blind, illiterate or just plain stupid.” Mission accomplished.

If you are contacting me because you think your opinion matters, you value your own opinions FAR more than I, my staff and certainly my clients do. Buzz off.

“Bees don’t waste time trying to convince flies honey is sweeter” and neither do I.

I’m traveling and will catch up correspondence as I can…