When YouWork With Two Generations Of Family It Can Get Funny…Texas Twins Events/The Pawning Planners 

Everybody in my family considers themselves an “expert” in the wedding and events industry and have their own “ideas” on execution of an event. 

Going Away Party For Soldier Brody Nolan
At a block party I recently sponsored, my son and sister “bucked heads” regarding the cake. Cindy Daniel, my saucy sidekick thought cupcakes with red, white and blue flags would look great and I agreed but, my son decided that a tank cake would have a better presentation.  What to do when we can’t come to a group decision? Flip a coin!  We’ve been doing this for years when I can’t decide on which Dream Event item is the centerpiece at a celebration. 

Little Pawners Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney
My grandnieces, Maryssa and Makenna suggested a cake AND cupcakes which worked out well and went with my red, white and blue theme for the all American Event. 

Brody Nolan Block Party

You see, from block parties to weddings and family reunions, baptisms and everything inbetween, the key to our success is to keep costs low and I often use my own inventory from Texas Twins Treasures to pull everything together.  It’s taken me years to acquire decorations, center pieces and bouquets for just about any event and, we use my inventory about  85% of the time so clients don’t have to spend money acquiring decorations that will most likely only be used once. 

Wendy Wortham Cindy Daniel Leigh Ann Blais Stephaney Mahaney-Texas Twins Events Team
Working with your family can be exhausting sometimes when everyone has a compensating personality but- after years of spending so much time together, my multigenerational family businesses have brought two families closer from road trips to rest areas and everywhere in between!  Last Minute Run To Walmart With Wendy Wortham and Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney video documents how two suv’s of my Texas Twins Team “wind up” at Walmart at the 11th hour en route to an event because let’s face it, somebody always forgets something around here!  Even with my numerous lists and last minute “checks” on inventory loaded into the suv’s, believe it or not, we “hit” a grocery store or Walmart fairly often around here. 

Dickson 50th Anniversary Gordon, Texas
Denton Dream Event
Hundreds of happy families later, the dramas and disasters my team and I had to overcome prove that I made a good decision in giving back to my community and involving my entire family to do it.  We all bring our own unique skills to the table and at the end of the day- our own opinions too!  

Gordon Volunteer Fire Department Fundraiser Shirley Dickson James Dickson Wendy Wortham
The truth is that when you are committed to giving a family something that they never dreamed of being able to afford, it’s a Life Event and a pretty big deal to them.  Our clients love is because we are working as a team to do something for them that no one else would, a lifelong memory of an important celebration and milestone. 

Wendy Wortham Wedding in the Park

Lisa Williams Dream Event
With my son and daughter in law handling the photography and videography with varying ideas about lighting and background- occasionally our photos gave the guests looking as confused as I am but, Robert and Stephanie Hafele are both very good at what they do even if they disagree about how they get it done and give families the gift of beautiful photos. 

Texas Twins Events Team
We make every event memorable for families and meet new friends everywhere we go as a family committed to giving our clients the gift of a dream event whether they have any money or not.  By taking trades for services, the appraisal adventures I’ve shared with my team can be sometimes comical but, teaching them what I’m looking for and why is key to teaching the entire business to them.   
Year Round Military Discounts (Active or Retired) Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners
We always honor Service Members by offering year round discounts on all of our services.

“Turning Trash Into Treasure” isn’t easy, it’s a time consuming endeavor to appraise trades but, my background along with knowledge of the unique and out of the ordinary item helps.

While it’s true that Cindy or I might see something of value in a room full of what appears to be trash- we have found many treasures that only needed a bit of touching up to refurbish and recover expenses.  To submit your trade, visit my other site We take trades for wedding and event services, we are the Pawning Planners!     To find my finished products offered for sale at Texas Twins Treasures, visit my latest website Texas Twins Events, The Pawning Planners & Links to Texas Twins Treasures creating unity one family at a time and going on a treasure hunt to find a “flip” “swap” “barter” or “trade” isn’t easy but it’s an adventure that I share with my family and our travels of a team of twins together bringing joy to others!
Wendy M Wortham