Four Twins That Do Everything Together Including Getting Sick…The Pawning Planners & Little Pawners

Yesterday, after picking up Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney from Austin Elementary, Cindy and I headed over to Parker County Minor Emergency with upper respiratory infections.  In my family when one person gets sick we have the “Domino Effect” going on and the best way to fight back is to get everyone treated together.  Although Steve Daniel had taken Makenna Mahaney here last week for a shot and round of antibiotics, she was still sick.  Cindy and I had decided to “buddy up” and take one twin each with us in separate rooms and were surprised that all 4 of us were put in the same room. I was shocked when the nurse advised us of a tornado in Fort Worth.  The 2000 tornado found me in downtown driving into the eye of the storm and thankfully, I found shelter with several other people under the Belknap Bridge.  Filled with dread, I checked FB and Twitter for an update but apparently the damage was minor and nothing like the one that devastated our town 15 years ago on a beautiful spring afternoon- no one was prepared for that.  Even today watching the YouTube Video brings back the aftermath of Fort Worth “Friendly” Texas Aftermath of the 2000 Tornado Fort Worth, Texas shows the devastation that Mother Nature brought to our town.  Driving West on my way to the West End of Fort Worth on a sunny afternoon, I leaned over my steering wheel trying to understand the traffic coming out of downtown at a rapid pace on my left before turning to look ahead at flying debris coming right into my windshield.  Perhaps had I been listening to my radio rather than my Boston CD- I would have heard the warning 7 minutes prior to the event that left phones down (I was unable to contact my twin sister who had my son and our nieces) the were blown out of my abandoned car as I slid down an embankment to huddle with strangers.  You never forget something of that magnitude and the strangers were from all walks of life that included business people, laborer a from the hotels and even church members who had attended an event downtown who all shared the common bond of fearing for our lives.  Amazingly, there were few deaths and 100 injuries with many stunned and confused folks (like me) put on waiting lists for glass replacement to our vehicles and homes.  Thankfully, my sister and all of our children were safe at an area mall and other than the broken windows and fear, survivors of a tornado that we would never forget.

Makenna Mahaney at Parker County Urgent Care

My entire family go to the same dentists, doctors and even Gyn-Ob health care providers.  I’m not really certain when everyone started switching over to my health care people but remember the “dentist swap” from some twenty years ago when Cindy Daniel got her teeth capped in Mineral Wells and was unhappy with the results that had the appearance of “chiclets or sticks of butter!”  Taking her to my dentist, Johnny Cheng and repairing and changing the veneers had my sister smiling again as well as gaining more clients at Dr Cheng’s office that included my nieces, my sister, my friends, my father and my son along with my husband.  I’m a loyal client who believes in “trading” with the folks that take pride in their work! 

Maryssa Mahaney entertains herself in the doctors office

A few months ago, the PA at our primary care physicians office, Glenn, left without notice and for two months I’ve been seeking a new PCP for a number of reasons but mainly because you can never get an appt and secondly, the PA that replaced Glenn (Ann Marie) is rude and abrupt and also challenges refilling your prescriptions (Prevacid, Cytomel, Synthroid) all of which I’ve been told MUST be taken for the rest of my life due to thyroid cancer and GERD issues.  Now, having to visit a clinic to get my prescriptions filled AFTER visiting my PCP gives you an indication as to why I’m leaving after 11 years and taking 10 of my family members with me.  The problem is that when you pay exhorbitant fees for a health care policy- you expect to see some results and sadly, Todd Richwine’s office has gone downhill since losing Glenn.  My last visit after falling down my basement stairs and being advised by my trusted chiropractor that I had suffered two fractured ribs, had Ann Marie (Glenn’s replacement) demanding an X-ray although she admitted that there was nothing that could be done for fractured ribs and denying me my regular refills and muscle relaxers or pain medication.  She offered either a Toradol injection or muscle relaxers but denied both and my refills.  If you are unaware of the charges your PCP places on an office visit (whether you see the physician or a PA) your copay is peanuts compared to the $400-$500 billing statement and, if you’ve had an injection, $600-$700 for you wait in the lobby (up to an hour) and again in the room (30 minutes to an hour) for you 5-10 minute consultation and evaluation.  Now, you’re “catching on” to why I’m willing to drive 45 minutes to Parker County Urgent Care for quick, friendly and concise care at the SAME PRICE my PCP charges and, the same CO-PAY.  

Makenna Mahaney Cindy Daniel & Maryssa Mahaney (My view from the exam table)

   Recently, my husband had his yearly sinus infection and I suggested he “skip” trying to get an appointment at Family Centered Medical Group and drive to Weatherford instead.  He called our PCP anyway and (as expected) couldn’t get an appointment (go figure) so, he drove to Parker County and was there for less than 20 minutes getting a shot and prescription and back to his regular schedule.  Matthew Wortham was shocked and impressed with the “quality care” given at the little clinic in Parker County and, like the rest of my family, wanting me to find a new Primary Care Physician in town.  It isn’t a easy as you may think with the restrictions my family has regarding convenience, parking, emergency appointment availability, etc.  so in the meantime, any illness we come across will be treated at Parker County Urgent Care. 

The Pawning Planners & Little Pawners “on the run and having fun!”

With upcoming fundraisers, weddings, baptisms and public appearances- The Texas Twins/Pawning Planners Team simply have no time to be sick around here ya all.  Our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney are heavily involved in charitable endeavors at Austin Elementary, Goodwill and the Salvation Army and looking forward to meeting new friends this holiday season.  It’s never too early to get your children involved in volunteering- all of our children donate their time and talents within our community.  Volunteering teaches children compassion and empathy and is a great place to get them involved.  If you need help finding a “kid friendly” volunteer effort in your area, contact me today through either Texas Twins Events Weddings & Event Services Site by using the “contact us” link or, Pawning Planners Site using the “submit” key on the home page and I will be happy to get a list of organizations in your area.

Wendy M Wortham