Weddings and Religious Ceremonies with Wendy

Yesterday, I received a call from San Antonio, TX with questions regarding a Unification Ceremony. My caller was surprised that I personally answered the call.

I’ve always put people first, and even though this was not a job for my staff or I, the caller was needing direction on how to go about conducting a very special event that was important to her and told me I was the only person in Texas to come up on Google engines handling these types of ceremonies and would like insight. Of course, I was happy to help the caller as it is my belief that if more people reached back to help a stranger the world would be a better place! Remember, together we are one.

Being non denominational and stressing the importance of interviewing the couple prior to the event, I suggested asking whether or not there were personal notes or a poem that would be added to the ceremony.

Often, our twin angels Marissa and Makenna Mahaney earn extra money getting involved as “flower girls for hire” they love dressing up and are quite social as am I. They have their own little business and love having their photos taken.

Planning the location is the next big decision I assist couples in making. Outdoor events, much Ike when I’m conducting a Celebration of Life at graveside MUST be well thought out as elements of wind, rain and heat can ruin your event.

I strongly suggest a rehearsal, although a rehearsal can be am added expense, it’s certainly one you should consider to ensure everyone knows where to stand or walk PRIOR to the main event and/or video tape or photos highlight mistakes.

I’ve had several events where something crazy and completely unexpected has happened- the guest that trampled children to grab the toss bouquet, the highly allergic guest that knocked chairs down running from a hornet, even the occasional foul mouthed drunk that I had to set straight, lets not forget the bride with a bloody nose walking down the aisle. Yes, you could say I’ve seen it all- but jumped right in with duct tape, a stain pen and an attitude to overcome any mishap that might take place! I’m a perfectionist and luckily, my twin sister Cindy Daniel has a sense of humor during these unexpected eye openers, while I on the other hand am a nervous wreck.

However, I am a presence of authority and quite familiar with public speaking after a lifetime of commercial work and public speaking including twenty years as a clothing model. Therefore, I had no problem whatsoever correcting unexpected, and sometimes comical behavior from those NOT IN the wedding party. Years from now, the couple will look back at photos and videos and laugh at the heel that broke off the brides shoe requiring super glue and duct tape. The comical moments are often the most memorable friends!

Remember, this is a very special union between two people. Whether a traditional wedding, renewal of vows, unification ceremony, or commitment event- you can count on Texas Twins Events to ensure a moment you will treasure for years to come!

Reverend Wendy Wortham