Traveling With Two Sets Of Twins-The Pawning Planners Of Texas Twins Events…

Last week, Cindy and I started a unique journey to get fit and trim by “This Time Next Year” in order to boost our confidence and attend our very first twin event in Twinsburg, Ohio.

The aches and pains associated with joining a gym for the first time in our lives has left Cindy and I sore but, we are in it to win it and as I look at Instagram photos of my grandniece Madyson Blais who represents numerous brands, I’m looking forward to another unexpected trip to California next month to visit my niece and her family while tending to a few other commitments on our visit.

Leigh Ann moved to California some three months ago and it’s the first time in our lives that one of the kids is no longer “right around the corner or living with Cindy and I.”  We never really expected that any of our kids would move to another state and although Cindy’s home was “busting at the seams” with both of her adult children along with her GrandTwins, we miss having Leigh Ann and baby “Maddy” here with us. 

Madyson, Leigh Ann & Alex Blais
 Orchestrating a trip around my schedule of weddings, fundraisers and events is tricky at best.  My schedule often slows to a crawl in July and August due to the summer heat in Texas but picks up again during the winter months.

Packing for a trip, I plan weeks in advance what to take, what I’m wearing and always have an agenda because my life is often spent scheduling events, family activities, housecleaning and writing blogs for Texas Twins Events, The Pawning Planners & Texas Twins Treasures when I’m not busy refurbishing items I’ve taken in trade downstairs in my workroom.

My twin sister often “packs light” for our adventures because she has “one black dress and it goes with everything!”  Packing for Maryssa and Makenna is another story altogether since my sister is unaware that she is OCD when it comes to the twins- they must be picture perfect at all times. 

Two Sets Of Twins- Maryssa Mahaney, Wendy Wortham, Makenna Mahaney & Cindy Daniel
On our last trip to California, I flew Leigh Ann into LAX to meet us from Seattle where she lived with Alex Blais on the Naval Base for six months before moving home.  Boomerang Kids are becoming more and more common these days and after writing a blog recently regarding adult children moving home had a few laughs regarding the transition- When Your Kids Move Home, Chaos Ensues! 

Traveling with my family is always stressful for me since I’m the driver, the planner and the preparer.  I make the travel arrangements, book the airlines and the hotels.  Making sure that everyone stays on track and on time according to my agenda isn’t always easy.  Getting everyone up on time and to each destination can have my family members calling me either “bossy” or “the captain.”

Arriving early at the airport is always an escapade in futility but at my age, I don’t like doing anything last minute or on the fly even though the rest of my family often “fly by the seat of their pants around here!”

My twin sister often has a #Cindyism (sarcastic comeback) to suit nearly any situation and with the holidays right around the corner, will be having a hard time sticking with our diet and excercise plan to lose 40 lbs each over the next year.  We don’t call her the GingerTwin for nothing ya all which is why I often blog about her “catchy comebacks” on all of my websites- Cindy Daniel & Cindyism- Meet My Twin Sister.

Taking road trips or even long trips with my sister often has me laughing because I’ve yet to find her speechless.  However, our recent trips to the gym often have us both too winded to talk while going through the circuit but we don’t always have to talk to communicate which I’m sure is a “twin thing.”

Adventures with my family at fun parks and events often involve delicious treats during the holiday season and it will take some strong willpower to keep from enjoying the candy apples, the dressing, the fresh baked bread and pies that I cook at WorthamWorld.

Setting a goal that isn’t a Holiday Resolution was necessary after thyroid disease and menopause put this weight on us.  We travel a lot for The Pawning Planners and Texas Twins Events client base I have which may have contributed to fast food and no time for physical activity but turning that around to meet our goal of getting in shape will drive us to stay on track.

This journey will have its ups and downs and I’m sure plenty of laughs with my sister-Cindy Daniel- My Saucy Sidekick & GingerTwin.

As I eat a low fat high protein snack and get ready to go meet her at Planet Fitness for another “two hours of fun,” I’m pretty sure we will get a few laughs while working towards our goal and we are both pretty excited about visiting our favorite state next month to see our Latest Little Pawner again…

Wendy M Wortham