“Some Things Cannot Be Fixed They Can Only Be Carried.” Author Unknown

I was shocked and saddened to hear that a groom who had been married less than one month learned that his wife was dying.

Garrett had stopped me in the driveway of my sisters house to tell me he was returning from the hospital. His wife had been diagnosed with cirrhosis. Three weeks after marriage? Yes. His bride was put on a liver transplant list. But days later contracted Covid-19. The sadness and despair expressed by Garrett were real, raw and heartbreaking. I’ve known this young man for nearly 17 years. He attended school with my nieces. He’s hard working and dedicated.

Prior to catching me in Cindy’s driveway, the last time we had seen Garrett was when he was working as a chef at a local restaurant in Weatherford. He had asked us about handling the wedding that morning and his excitement was visible.

To learn only a few weeks later that his bride was in critical condition is beyond anything I can fathom.

My other former client, Deanna shared exciting news that she and her husband have found someone who is carrying a child for them. A child the Villareal Family has waited and prayed for.

Happy news on one side with tragic news on the other. My heart is ready to burst at the news that continues to roll in through phone calls, emails and even chance meetings on a daily basis.

For four months now I have performed more funerals than weddings. Seniors dying alone in nursing homes are a recurring tragedy across the United States.

Inmates are contracting Covid-19 at an alarming rate. Suspended visits prevent loved ones of seniors AND inmates from having visitors in many states. People are dying alone.

Cindy and I signed the twins up for in person learning in Weatherford. The flack we’ve caught over this decision from people who are strongly against in person learning would shock you. It shocks us. The truth is that the twins have been isolated since the last week of March. This isolation has caused both stress and anxiety. Maryssa is lackadaisical about learning. Makenna is a stellar student who pushes herself so hard that we are often concerned about her doing too much academically.

Regardless of your views regarding Covid-19 or in person learning, many people are split on which road to take when it comes to students. Many parents are unprepared to teach children and work. There aren’t any good answers for students or parents.

As counties continue to change or update groups of 10 or less, Cindy and I are once again fielding requests for elopement ceremonies.

This has been the most stressful four months I’ve ever encountered in my entire working career for my clients. They don’t know what to expect and I don’t either.

Very few states have reinstated visitation of inmates. For those who have, preregistration is required. Many people are contacting me through all of my sites regarding inmate ceremonies. However, if the protocol is not followed, there will be no ceremony. If the state has not reopened visitation, there will be no in person ceremonies available.

Regarding video ceremonies, the same guidelines required for in person ceremonies are required for video. Why? Because the inmate isn’t free on the outside world. The inmate is under the care, custody and control of the State, Federal, ICE or County jurisdictions. Because of these limitations, it’s important to note that attempting to go around policy and procedure isn’t a good idea or one that I would endorse. I follow all state guidelines pertaining to marriage whether the marriage occurs behind bars or in the free world.

Regarding funerals and memorials, again we must follow guidelines.

Regarding mask controversy on site or location, if a mask requirement is in place, please don’t argue about whether you feel your rights are being violated. Your attendance is optional. If you feel violated regarding mask mandates, please stay home and don’t attend ceremonies where masks are required. Why? Because an event isn’t about your political belief. An event is about the couple at a wedding or mourners at a funeral.

I’m going to once again go over the limit of groups in numerous counties within Texas specifically to advise you that each county follows different guidelines. Please visit your county to find out what limitations are in place regarding events and group gatherings before assuming these rules “have no effect on your event.”

I continue to pray and remain positive about Garrett’s wife. I continue to keep current and previous clients affected by Covid-19 in my prayers.

I’ve never been in a pandemic before my clients haven’t either. We are all trying to endure as best we can under incredibly stressful conditions.