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This past weekend I decided to take a break from my busy weekend schedule to stop by and show my support for TCGPWA at their Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Many of my dedicated readers are aware that I along with many other Fort Worth Businesses sponsor the Pride Parade every year in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Wendy Wortham On Location Fort Worth, Texas
Hopefully my boot can come off in a few weeks from a metatarsal break I suffered walking backwards to take a photo at a wedding that landed me into the serenity pool at the Fort Worth Water Gardens and inadvertently created a window for all of the children in the wedding party to jump in and join me.  I’ve had a few on the job “incidents” that often result in hilarious adventures for myself and my team this year and appreciate all of your well wishes regarding my latest injury. 

My Daughter In Law & Photographer For Texas Twins Events, Stephanie Hafele
My Twin Sister & Saucy Sidekick Cindy Daniel
Stephanie and Cindy were as exhausted as I was during a 3 day straight 21 hour weekend of work but my schedule won’t have another 3 consecutive day stretch until April so we have a day or two between events in order to rest up and recuperate. 

Wendy Wortham Directing The Rehearsal & Babysitting On Location
A few folks were surprised by my FB post directing a rehearsal while holding a baby- I’m completely comfortable doing several things at the same time and holding a baby has never slowed me down ya all.  We went over the rehearsal several times due to the size of the wedding party and, to make sure everyone was comfortable on the procession walk and standing position on the stage.


Stephanie Hafele Directs The Brides Cake Cutting Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony was interrupted by a falling arch but after several guests jumped up to position it back on the wall, we commenced to complete the ceremony and added a Unity Candle Ceremony to blend two families as one. 

 This was a rather large event and I’m so glad we had an opportunity to help these wonderful ladies to enjoy a beautiful wedding ceremony.  They are planning to travel to Fort Worth and match in my parade entry this year for TCGPWA and we are looking forward to showing them around town. 

Texas weather is often unpredictable and today was no exception with flash flooding, tornado warnings and hail storms.  Rescheduling of events due to weather is always on a first come first serve basis so please remember when using an outdoor park or venue that we cannot control the weather but will work quickly to reschedule your event.

I loaned the floral designs from my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory as a free gift to ensure beauty at this event.  Loaned items are at my discretion and I do not loan anything to someone who has not retained myself or my team for a service or ceremony.  The “Fringe Benefit” of hiring myself or my team is the inventory that I’ve spent thousands of dollars creating is a gift that I share with my client base to save them money. 

Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham For My Texas Twins Treasures Inventory
Floral Designs, Chalkboards, Ring Pillows & Flower Baskets On Loan From Wendy Wortham
 Now all of these families could have had their ceremony without the extras I “loan” but weddings need flowers and I’m the only wedding vendor who brings anything and everything that might be lost, broken or forgotten with me as well as loaning wedding bouquets, boutenniers, centerpieces, corsages, ring pillows, flower baskets, cake tray, serving set, etc. Because 70-85% of my clients borrow my inventory. 

Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham For Texas Twins Treasures
Stephanie Hafele & Anne Rowe Alexander of Texas Twins Events Team Load Up Loaned Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham For Texas Twins Treasures
Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham

Wendy Wortham On Location

Cindy Daniel & Leigh Ann Blais With Floral Designs By Wendy Wortham
Recently many folks are visiting my websites and asking to borrow my inventory.  Unless you have hired me or my staff, please do not ask to borrow my inventory.  This is a privilege that is limited to clients only and at my discretion.

Looking forward to meeting new friends and more adventures with my Texas Twins Events Team this week and appreciate your understanding of my loaning items when needed to clients, I’m changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas with three generations committed to exceeding your expectations.

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