Lights, Cameras, Love & Laughter? You Bet Events Are Live Performances…

I’m often called bossy en route to an event going over lists and timelines which is why I load everyone into my SUV and Saturday was no exception.  All the way to Denton, my twin Cindy talked about how lonely her house was without baby Madyson.

Our first day with Leigh Ann & Alex along with Latest Little Pawner “Maddy” was melancholy but my Texas Twins Events Team had plenty to do and after all, Cindy and I call, face time and Skype Leigh Ann several times a day but- we still miss them.  The only time Leigh Ann has been away from home was 6 months in Seattle and she called home crying everyday.  We are encouraging her to view the two years in Cali as a fun extended vacation.  It’s sometimes hard for birds to leave the best and my niece is no exception.  When Cindy isn’t on the phone with her- I am.  We may be twin meddling mothers but encouraging her to leave the Navy Lodge took both of us ya all.  She is uncomfortable driving off base and we continue to send her exciting places to visit and fun outings although she is hesitant to go far from the base.  Since Cindy and I grew up in Cali, we always boo right off the plane and move on down the freeway revisiting our favorite spots but apparently my niece isn’t the adventure type.




When arriving at a venue or clients house I always reinforce the possibility of something going wrong.  Mainly because after five years and nearly 500 events, I’ve seen perfectly planned events have an “incident.”  From bee stings to bloody noses- it’s hard to shock me but, occasionally even I encounter something out of the ordinary! 

I call it “flying by the seat of my pants.”  There are no do-overs, re-takes or voice overs at an event.  Whether it’s a wedding, baptism, Pawning Party, Estate Liquidation, House Flip, Swap or Trade- I’m effectively “Winging It” when I’ve never met the client.  Occasionally, I’m crossing my fingers for a “perfect execution.”  Let’s face it no one really knows what is going to go wrong until it does.

Last weekend, my team traveled to SpringHill Suites in Denton after Rachel had contacted me a few months ago regarding her wedding. Due to the budget ($50) for a wedding officiant & photography package, there was no rehearsal due to the distance (2 hour round trip).  My plan was to quickly have a run through prior to the event.

 Organizing everyone and attempting to do a brief on site rehearsal was thrown out the window with folks scrambling to find everyone in the wedding party, the music, the groom, etc.  

Because of this and knowing the venue director (we met a few weeks ago at the grand opening and the bride was the daughter of her assistant), I suggested “rounding everyone up” into the adjoining space and going over the walk and positions minutes prior to the ceremony.

When no one had the music, we came up with what we thought was a solution and seconds prior to the procession- realized the music had no sound to prompt the wedding party.  I quickly asked for the song and prepared to sing myself if necessary just as the speakers came on.  Being able to roll with it is absolutely necessary in the events industry!

The Bride had decided on a Unity Candle Ceremony so I quickly found the script to accompany the ceremony and (like everyone else) was shocked when the candles wouldn’t light.  In fact, I thought trick candles were being used.  After the music giving us an issue who would’ve expected another Wedding Wild Card?  My son was handling the video and apparently, found all of this funny along with the guests while I laughed at this unexpected derailment  Wendy Wortham & The Unity Candle Surprise On Location.

The rest of the wedding went wonderfully and my Texas Twins Events Photography Team (my son Robert Hafele and his wife Stephanie Hafele) caught some great moments on film that I’m printing today for the mother, father and couple on a cd as a gift to them.  My daughter in law, Stephanie Hafele loves to pose the bridal party in numerous positions. Why do we provide free photos to families who cannot afford to pay for wedding photos?  Because we are committed to going above and beyond in order to give my client base a Dream Event even when we occasionally are working at our own expense.  Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners are businesses that I created to “fill the gap” for families who could never afford traditional price structures in the events industry.  We reach back to these families and find a way “to save their day.”  Texas Twins Events, The Pawning Planners & Texas Twins Treasures are family owned & operated.

Many of my dedicated readers know that when I get nervous, my childhood stutter that took years of speech therapy to overcome- comes back.  Thankfully, it was only on one or two moments.  When folks ask why Cindy and I speak differently- the answer is nearly ten years of speech therapy for me and none for Cindy.  In fact, my twin sister spoke on my behalf for most of our childhood. 

Tighter Than A Brick Wall-Twin Sisters & Pawning Planners Cindy Daniel and Wendy Wortham
 When I sponsor an event or work at below my low cost options at Texas Twins Events, I do not offer a rehearsal at venues farther than 15-20 minutes away for a basic reason time and money.

Many folks assume that a rehearsal is included in the wedding officiants quote and it isn’t.  The reason for this is that the rehearsal is a separate ceremony altogether and I wrote a blog explaining this a few years ago while also explaining that “emergency fees” for less than 24 hours notice are required because I have to alter my entire schedule to accommodate you.  

Now, if you are LBGT, Military, Police, Fire or Rescue- there are year round discounts offered on this site to help you but, if you contact me because you’ve hired a no-show and now need our help that’s an “emergency” situation for you not myself and my staff which is why I do not waive fees with no prior notice.

This morning, I reviewed an email regarding “sharing” my trademarked & copywrited Texas Twins Events name.  Because of this and numerous similar communications, we will once again visit the importance of branding, copywriting, trademarking and protecting your company or “brand.” 

Spending the past five years “changing the wedding and events industry one family at a time” had never been easy or inexpensive for me.  No one gave me inventory or free advertising- everything I have was either earned or paid for specifically to protect my businesses, my story, my journey and my brand. Intellectual Property isn’t free or easy- it’s earned.  Because of this I do not share my websites, copyrights or trademarks nor photos to anyone without written consent and strongly object to anyone promoting their product by affiliating it with any of my ventures.

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