Creating Memories On Memorial Weekend- The Little Pawners Keep Me Busy Ya All…

 I always leave my schedule open for holiday weekends and this weekend was no exception.  I’ve got a fairly busy week next weekend and decided to find some fun entertainment for the twins.  Maryssa and Makenna love sleepovers at my home aka WorthamWorld.  Our previous home had a pool and grill where every holiday (even Christmas) was spent playing in the pool because my husband was smart enough to put it a heater.

I don’t miss the big mortgage and high taxes during the winter months but, every summer since we sold the house to fund Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures & The Pawning Planners- I truly do miss the pool that was everyone’s favorite part of our old home.

Trying to find things to keep the twins busy was an all day affair today with our first visit at the batting cages near our new home.  Of course, I gave it a “whirl” to show them in not too old to “be in the game!” They want to play softball next year in school and what better way to get comfortable than in the batting cage?  My husband, Matthew Wortham really enjoys having the twins stay with us and patiently showed them how to swing into it after I “gave it a go” for 40 balls in the blazing Texas heat.

Makenna & Maryssa Mahaney
Matthew Wortham & Maryssa Mahaney
Matthew & Makenna
Maryssa Mahaney
Matthew Wortham

Cindy and I gave softball a try years and years ago but, we were too afraid of the ball to be any good at it.  My husband and our families encourage anything the twins take an interest in so today was no exception.

After an hour and a half of swinging and getting fairly good at it, the twins decided to play a round of putt-putt.  My husband played golf for thirty years before injuring his arm so he was far better at this game than the girls and I were but we had a good time. 

Uncle Matthew Gives The Girls A Few Tips




Encouraging your children that practice makes perfect can be challenging when one twin is far more competitive than the other.  Makenna is driven at anything she takes on and Maryssa is more interested in having a good time.

Taking a lunch break prior to hitting Acadamy Sports & Outdoors to fuel the rest of our day, we loaded up and headed on over to check out the bats, gloves, boomerangs, and soccer balls.    

Returning home, the girls wanted to gear up and get going to the sports court near our home for a game of tennis, basketball and volleyball.  As I sit in my favorite Texas Twins Treasures chair and ottoman, I’m glad that they are exhausted as I am and look forward to a mini break as the twins cook dinner with Uncle Matthew while I work on my homemade “squirrel repellant spray.”  It’s actually sliced jalapeños, onions, cayenne pepper, tumeric, and chili powder boiled and drained then put into a spray bottle.  I’ve tried e writhing to keep squirrels out of my garden boxes and continually come home to a patio destroyed by these little home wreckers so I’m game to try anything to keep them off the patio.  Cooking with the twins is always fun because they pretend to be hosting their own cooking show with the “Master Chef”  Cooking With The Twins At WorthamWorld.

Maryssa and Makenna have brought a lot of joy to my twin sister and I and our husbands, they are fun loving and funny, outgoing and spirited. 

Mr Foxy Wortham Our Pet Beagle

My dog, Foxy, thinks he’s one of the kids when the twins come over because they are all the same age and although he does love a good nap- he runs around like a new puppy every time the kids show up until he can finally sneak a little sleep in. 

 As we gear up for another “round of fun” tomorrow, I talk to my neighbor about the girls decorating the patio with flags for the weekend and Makenna looks over to say “we honor all branches of military because we are a military family and the flags represent those we have lost and those who have fought-it’s God and Country!”

The twins often surprise me with their ideas and insight regarding things I didn’t knew they understand…