“GOALS are NOT based on ABILITY, they are DRVEN by AMBITION”

Two years ago, Deanna and Burt lost DeLilah hours after her birth.

Delilah’s birth and subsequent baptism were emotionally overwhelming for me. Knowing that she wouldn’t live long broke my heart long before her birth. Officiating her memorial a few days later was the most difficult memorial I have ever performed.

I’m frequently asked “what’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?” The hardest thing I’ve ever done is say goodbye to a child who never had the opportunity to live.

Yesterday Deanna sent me a text. Burt and Deanna finally found a surrogate and are expecting a baby girl soon. Deanna and Burt want me to perform the baptism. I’m thrilled and excited for them as well as honored.

It’s not uncommon for someone to contact me and tell me “I want to do what you do.” In fact, it happens on a regular basis. The problem with people “wanting” success and those willing to “earn” it is that the gap from Point A to Point B requires sacrifice, dedication, resilience and effort. No one succeeds in anything without perseverance.

Cindy and I didn’t either. What we did was decide to create n opportunity to give others the wedding we would have wanted. What we gained was the loyalty of our clients returning to us over and over again for other event services as well as referring us to their friends and family.

If you put the effort in, you will get the results back. This pandemic has destroyed many businesses. It hasn’t destroyed ours. We are resilient. I officiated numerous ceremonies from my balcony in the beginning of this pandemic. I’ve also met clients on courthouse steps or in their backyard and even for very small weddings at a venue.

I’ve worked with clients regarding reschedules and continue to wait for State, ICE and County Detention Centers to reinstate visitation as Federal Facilities have.

The number of clients I have waiting to marry an offender shocks everyone. In fact, our business completely shifted to predominantly inmate officiant services over the past 4 years.

Strangers “trolling my sites” often wonder why we are so versatile and email me to question our diversity.

I’m not offended by “inquiring minds.” I am offended by opinionated people who “don’t believe in LBGT or inmate marriage and especially both.” These opinions have no impact on my clients or my staff.

Federal clients please be aware of the new visitation policies and my schedule. I have several people waiting to marry at Fort Worth FMC at this time and must factor your event into my schedule with other clients in State prisons where visitation has been reinstated.

I operate on a first book first serve basis meaning that clients who booked in January or February this year will be booked first whenever possible. As my clients are aware I have not taken deposits or payments from inquiries for months now. Why? I believe you need your money more than I do. Also, based on Covid-19 guidelines and policies within prisons scheduling has been a bit of an issue.

Cindy and I now and for several months now have numerous clients awaiting TDCJ to reinstate visitation throughout Texas.

Whenever possible our priority bookings are Texas first with Oklahoma, Louisianna, Arkansas and California coming in second.

In March, all other states had been addressed on our books other than Texas. In April, cancellations are numerous TDCJ Facilities caused a backlog of Texas clients. These previously scheduled clients take precedence over new bookings or inquiries when visitation resumes.

Many clients are waiting at the same TDCJ Units in Texas. What this means is that your wedding is highly likely to be “stacked” on the same day as others at the same Unit. Each of you will have 20 minutes. There are no group weddings in Texas.

Leigh Ann is returning to California Tuesday and will resume bookings in California through December 31st when she returns to Texas again.

We will miss Leigh Ann and Maddy. I will be babysitting my grandson, Oliver the first week of November while my son and his wife address a Colorado wedding.

This morning I had a message on my FB Page, Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham from an inmate I had married last year. He wanted to thank me for marrying him and let me know he had paroled and was doing well on the outside. I love happy endings.

Regarding filing your license, please check your address. When I file a license, the clerk returns it to the address you provided when you purchased the license. If you have not received your license within 10-14 days, contact me so I can track your license and find out what happened.

I’ve had several people contact me regarding changing your name after marriage. Your original marriage license will work at the DMV or your can purchase a certified marriage license. You must make an appointment during this pandemic which is proving to be somewhat chaotic. The DMV will return your license to you. Social Security will not so please do not send your original marriage license to the SS office.

Regarding expired licenses, there are thousands of people who have had their license expire in Texas. Please make an appointment to renew yours ASAP if you are planning to marry an inmate. If you have a passport, your passport will be accepted as a state issued ID.

We are currently sold out of Texas Twins Treasures logo face masks and expect a restock in ten days.

Pawning Planners appraisal appointments are now rolling into the end of the month due to the number of traditional bookings flipping to the barter option. Please be aware that uploading a photo does not constitute a client relationship. We must review your trade prior to appraising it on site and appraisal appointments are a requirement for anyone booking through The Pawning Planners.

I want to wish all of my October clients the happiest of anniversaries and hope everyone is staying safe and staying blessed.