Family Fun For Everyone- Trick Or Treating With My Family…

I’ve loved Halloween as far back as I can remember because it was the one “holiday” that my entire family got excited about by dressing up and making plans to take large groups of my cousins and friends of our family to various events.  Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving & other holidays- there was never conflict at Halloween because it was always a “family friendly” day and fun for everyone.

70’s Throwback- Twin Sisters Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel
Every year my family waits until the last minute to “settle on their costume.”  This year my son and his wife waited until today to choose their costumes which isn’t unusual and over the years, Cindy and I have backed out of dressing up or jumped in and joined the team for trick or treating based on our schedules. Finding the time to decide on a costume has always been a struggle for my saucy sidekick and twin sister and I because we often choose to dress alike and whatever I like she doesn’t and vice versa.

Wendy Wortham With Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney And Lovely Lady Gretta Ozee- There Isn’t A Day That We Don’t Think Of Her And Miss The Light She Brought To Our Family During Her Short Time On Earth. She Was Funny & Entertaining And Loved By Everyone
Makenna Mahaney, Virginia Malone, Wendy Wortham & Maryssa Mahaney
Maryssa Mahaney, Wendy Wortham, Steve Daniel & Makenna Mahaney
Cindy Daniel, Leigh Ann Blais & Wendy Wortham

This year, our mini me twins Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney decided to wear different outfits.  It’s a first for them so Cindy and I “rolled” with their choices.  Getting the twins to decide on a costume starts in September every year and my sister loves helping them find something they both like but this year- my husband Matthew took the twins “costume shopping.” 

Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney AKA The “Little Pawners” Of The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events Team
Since Cindy and I are dieting to prepare for our very first twin festival next year in Twinsburg, Ohio to meet our thousand of twin friends- we are hoping to feel good about our weight again next year and go shopping for something fun and maybe even a little—sexy to celebrate our weight loss journey! 

My son and his wife, Robert & Stephanie Hafele went “all out” two years ago by dressing up as Beauty and The Beast. 

Robert & Stephanie Hafele Makeup & Hair By Angela Rodden
Many of our friends go all out on their costumes and we love looking at their photos! 

Over the years our Little Pawners have had some pretty fun costumes and this year, our Latest Pawner, Madyson Elizabeth Blais is one of the “cutest kitties” we’ve ever seen. 

Alex Blais With Baby “Maddy” Lemoore Naval Station
Instagram Model & Brand Rep-Madyson Blais

Cindy and I check FB and Instagram everyday for the latest Madyson photos and miss the Blais Family but look forward to visiting in November.

From pirates to foxes and everything in between, Maryssa and Makenna love trick or treating and although the fear of running into a clown has caused anxiety- I’m bringing a flashlight and keeping an eye out for spooky clowns. 







As I finish answering emails and talking to a bride regarding her wedding on November 16 at Belltower Chapel & Garden, I realize that living close to most of my family and having the opportunity to share family events with them is a gift.  Knowing that my niece Leigh Ann and her family will be trick or treating in California and not joining us this year, will be hard for my sister and I.

Maryssa, Leigh Ann & Makenna
The Blais Family- Alex, Leigh Ann & Madyson

Navy Life In Lemoore- Alex and Maddy
 Not many families have the luxury of spending so much time together as we do.  After all, my family work together at Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners.

Although the Blais Family may be far away–we can’t wait to visit and love our family conference calls with Leigh Ann and FaceTime visits with baby Maddy.

I’m often asked if Cindy and I are together “all the time?”  We are, we see each other everyday and my son lives a block away.  On top of that- we call each other numerous times a day when we aren’t together which may seem “too close” to some but is quite normal for our family. 

We cherish having a close knit family and the ability to share our lives while giving the gift of a Dream Event to our clients.

PS- If anyone is interested in a costumed themed event- contact us today we love creative requests!

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