The Differences Between Texas Twins Events Bookings & The Pawning Planners Families Create A “Unique” Client Base…

Explaining how Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures & The Pawning Planners work together isn’t easy.  A few months ago, I wrote a blog describing the differences between a wide and varied client base to “paint a picture” for a reporter that was confused after reading an interview with me last year written by Jeff Mosier of the Dallas Morning News-Wedding & Event Owner Wendy Wortham Interview.   

My desire to legalize same sex marriage prior to the ruling was based entirely on witnessing the loss of rights for LBGT couples pertaining to health insurance and death benefits. These families needed health insurance and the right to make decisions for burial as well as the right to the proceeds of the estate.  I’ve witnessed too much  pain and loss over the years so yes, I along with many others fought to legalize same sex marriage.  It is not widely known that I also officiate at funerals and volunteer as a hospice clergy.

The reason that I try to help anyone is based entirely on my own experiences after my son married years ago and recognizing that many families faced similar “hurdles” if they didn’t have a nest egg to fund a Life Event.  

Creating a low cost wedding & events business to address complete strangers needs wasn’t easy or inexpensive but there was a huge market of consumers who wanted an event but had no way to afford it.  I knew that like me, these clients needed options and I set out to do something about it!   Texas Twins Events opened a window that previously didn’t exist but also brought clients with no money at all so, I rebranded and expanded to create The Pawning Planners.
Learning how to refurbish trades and understand the value of everything from old trucks and tractors to boats, jewelry, clothes and antiques took time and elbow grease but my passion pushed me to evolve and expand my “brand.” 

Since I’m often asked where my trades are sold or what I do with them- I created a website to flip items.  Texas Twins Treasures is an extension of The Pawning Planners and we use funds from sales for families with no money or trade aka “sponsored events.”  Yes, we have a handful of clients who need a baby shower or birthday party that don’t have any way to fund their event.

 Just months prior to the same sex ruling on marriage last year, my twin sister and I along with my grandnieces were interviewed at a No Hate Campaign in Dallas- Wendy Wortham CW33  I was filmed stating “Love is Love.”  What wasn’t on the televised interview was the reason I was there with my family  to support my friends and former clients within the LBGT community.

Wendy Wortham, Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney & Cindy Daniel-The Pawning Planners-Two Sets Of Twins
 All of my businesses are LBGT friendly because we don’t discriminate against lifestyle, religion or beliefs.  Every client is treated with courtesy and the extras we offer from loaned bouquets and bouteniers to loaned wedding dresses and clothing for the wedding party. 

The Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners “Team” Three Generations Of Family Members Dedicated To Helping Others
Yes, my multigenerational family and I do things differently for these families that no one else was willing to help because we believe that by helping others that our passion will be “passed” on to our clients. 

Wendy Wortham- Loaned Floral Designs Are Used At 80% Of Our Events
Complimentary Photography? You Bet- If Our Clients Can’t Afford Photography- We “Gift” Photos & Cd’s
Friendship Ceremonies? Of Course, Every Creative Request Is Considered
Loaning Bouteniers & Bouquets Bring Beauty To All Of Our Ceremonies
Every Life Event Is Special
Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham Creating Mums A Texas Tradition
A Wedding At A Karate Studio? You Bet- Loaned Floral Designs Along With Fascinators Created By My Sister & Poodle Skirts I Purchased For The Flower Girls
Wendy Wortham On Location In Trinity Park
A Wedding On An Aircraft? You Bet We Travel!
Wendy Wortham With Bride, Groom & Flower Girls On Location Carswell AFB C130
Although Texas Twins Events Clients can afford to pay for services, Pawning Planners clients cannot which is the main difference between our events but, every family (regardless of whether they are paying or trading) can borrow inventory at no cost and receive photos of their event (whether they can pay for them or not).

My photography team are always on hand to ensure we have great shots and I pay for printing and transferring these memories onto cd’s that are mailed to the families as a courtesy.  If clients can afford to hire my photography team- we do not charge for film development.  The reason for this is that many of our clients are far from rich and everyone wants photos.  Photos are put on a disc that clients can edit or copy as many times as they like.


Stephanie Hafele Team Photographer With Wendy Wortham
Flower Girls- Photo By Cindy Daniel Texas Twins Events Team

My client base is an actual “melting pot” of folks from farm workers to white collar middle class because both businesses attract clients trying to find an affordable alternative to traditional price structures.

I created alternatives for them because I knew there was a need for low cost services and I was determined to fill that need “one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas.”  

Our story may be unique but the journey my family and I have shared meeting new friends and families exists because no matter what it took for us to pull off a Dream Event, we banded together and made it happen…

Wendy M Wortham No money? No problem- we take trades The Pawning Planners