Drab to Fab and Redemption at the Rainbow Lounge

This morning at my home, three beautiful people came to do makeup for myself, my twin Cindy, our wedding dress expert Ann Rowe Alexander and our angels Marissa and Makenna.

Friends, the talent these three fabulous new friends posses was truly amazing for the Texas Twins Events Staff!

I have no idea how to even apply make up with cat eyes- much less false eyelashes.

We then travelled to the Rainbow Lounge in Fort Worth for a Unification/Commitment ceremony for two fabulous people, Richard and William. Thanks so much to Tom McAvoy for giving us permission to film at the Rainbow and the wonderful and friendly bartender at this Fort Worth landmark. Our trusted accountant Tom Anable will forever be missed and doing something positive at the Rainbow Lounge meant a lot to this Texas Twin and my sister Cindy.
Running a tad behind my usual strict schedule, decorations were on the dash with a 30 minute window but everyone pitched in and we had a beautiful and emotional ceremony with Unity Candles.

Special thanks to our wonderful make up artists, fantastic camera crew and beautiful couple.