Kindness is free and occassionally so are my services when needed

I’m frequently asked why I do so many no cost weddings, funerals, house blessings, and donate floral designs to area funeral homes so families with little money can enjoy a beautiful funeral or wedding or why I spend countless hours pulling copies of lawsuits in four counties for litigants that were never served. Finding the Defendant on social media sites in order to locate them thereby giving the opportunity to file a timely answer and avoid a default judgment rendered against them behind their backs.

Why? Why not! When it became clear to me that thousands of Texas residents were victims of clouded mortgages and seized checking accounts, I became enraged! How could this happen to millions across the US and remain a dirty little secret among collection agencies and attorneys destroying families in my community? After opening an eBay store, Texas Twins Treasures to raise funds for my mission against injustice four years ago, consumers now recieve a copy of the lawsuit and can go to the courthouse and file their own answer on a lawsuit they would have never known about had I not taken the trouble to print a copy, put it in an envelope and mail it to them.

Texas Twins Events is NOT and never has been solely for the LGBT community, we love everyone regardless of sexual preference, religious background or other unique attribute.

Ignorance of LGBT lifestyles has created haters who have no idea that comments and other actions against the Gay community are incredibly hurtful to society as a whole. These wonderful people are someone’s son, daughter, mother, uncle, neighbor or employee and often artistic, educated, compassionate and certainly worth opening your heart and mind to. Humanity has misplaced a sensitivity chip. This morning, local news featured a retired military officer who was severely beaten trying to assist another victim three bullies were attacking IN PUBLIC! How many people witnessed this tragedy happening to someone’s child and failed to act?

Rights of Survivorship for LGBT couples and partners is not “given” in Probate Court as it is with traditional marriage. They often lose joint assets of the deceased and cannot recover them. This is not how the deceased person wanted their surviving partner to live. Probate Court in Tarrant County REQUIRES an attorney at a cost of $5,000 and up. What about those who cannot afford the cost of probate and worse, have no chance of winning?

Insurance benefits are not offered to same sex couples and, neither most often, are tax breaks.

Same sex couples also have children. Most LGBT events in fact, revolve around children and teens. When will schools teach our children to accept the differences in alternative lifestyles and bridge the gap?

Our twins look forward to all LGBT events including the rodeo as they’ve always had a wonderful time and the kindness and compassion show to others at these events far surpasses traditional events.

Kindness is and always will be free, today, tomorrow and forever.

What have you done for a stranger, a neighbor or friend today? We have no chance to live today over, once it’s gone- its really gone.

I have always offered free services to those who could not afford to pay me, this is nothing new. Volunteering at soup kitchens and women’s centers has been an active part of my family for years, visiting nursing homes and bringing board games to play while visiting residents is something all of our children enjoy doing.

My neighbor Chris often tells me we are the best neighbors she’s ever had. Why? Because we care enough to take her trash to the curb on Weds when she forgets, hose off her porch after watering my plants leaves fallen dirt on it, and pick up after a dog whose owner failed to take the time to do so behind the garages in the alley.

Non of these things make me remarkable. My twin and I made a commitment so long ago that I’ve forgotten the date, to be the best friend, sister, mother, grandmother etc. TODAY, not tomorrow or next year, but today!

What a wonderful world this would be if we all took a moment and rejoiced in each other. Taking the time to open you mind and heart to someone else and learn to appreciate them is the greatest gift of all.20140512-221131.jpg