Creating Unity One Community at a Time Supporting Alternative Lifestyles

Folks who know me understand that I’ve always embraced others. Whether you are from another country, religious affiliation or alternative lifestyle.

Perhaps because I live in Fort Worth, TX a Bible Belt city, members of a church I will choose NOT to name, last night sent several emails regarding my practice of Unification Ceremonies for LBGT couples in our community.

I refuse to give them acknowledgement by going over the details that left me crying myself to sleep over the inconsiderate and hateful remarks.

Ironically, I heard the song United We Stand yesterday. I believe that together we are one, a stronger community, a city of love.

As the Fort Worth Parade for the LBGT community draws near, the tragic loss of friends I’ve known and lost fills me with great sadness.

Tom Anable, our family’s trusted accountant for many years will forever be missed by those who knew of him and his accomplishments in getting the parade moved to the downtown area.

Founding Fairness Fort Worth, Tom was found dead August 18, 2012 near Benbrook Lake. I was horrified reading the obituary and seeing our friend listed on the pages of the Fort Worth Star Telegram obituary. His death was ruled a suicide.

As a child, Cindy and I had a neighbor, Melinda Hodges, beautiful happy and vibrant young lady, with life she committed suicide at 13 years old in front of us and other neighborhood children. Even today, the horror of witnessing such an event remains fresh in my mind. Melinda was gay. She was a joy, and she was gone in an instant with her fathers gun. Our entire school attended the funeral.

How many teen suicides occur each year due to hate crimes or anger directed against the LGBT community?
How many mothers, brothers, cousins, sisters, neighbors or church members must perish before those ignorant of kindness open their hearts and their minds to the challenges of personal opinions and views directed at the LGBT community?

For 29 years, the Tarrant County Parade was on South Jennings Street. Families are much more at ease in the downtown area and, Tom Anable worked hard to bridge a relationship between city leaders and the LGBT community after the incident at the Rainbow Lounge in 2009.

A few weeks ago, I performed a Unification Ceremony at the Rainbow Lounge for William and Richard to do something positive at a Texas Landmark, the Rainbow Lounge.

You have no idea how emotional this event was, unless you were there. These two wonderful people were so grateful to have recognition and a blessing of their devotion to each other. I will continue my fight to legalize same sex marriage in Texas, I’ve lost friends who were unable to get health insurance, survivor benefits and finally respect for their lifestyle. Texas probate courts are over run with surviving partners losing everything due to Texas Laws. This is truly a tragedy.

“We are just families, friends, and people in relationships-a living community.” Tina Harvey said it simply and yet full circle.

Radical churches and protesters frighten children and intimidate the peace of the community.

Educating others to embrace the world around them has been a driving force in my life as long as I can remember.

The love and joy felt at the Dallas Pride Parade embraced my family and I last week.

Our company is here to meet the needs of anyone regardless of your race, age, religious affiliation or lifestyle.

Weddings, Funerals, Last Rites, House Blessings, and finally Unification Ceremonies are all important and Ministerial duties by me are not taken lightly.

My religious affiliation has taught me to Love my neighbor, Not to judge others and, most importantly to treat others as I would want to be treated myself.

Friends that are gone now have impacted my life in ways that school never could have. As children, Cindy and I were victimized and bullied for being motherless, twins (not common in the sixties) and finally, my chronic stutter. Children can be cruel, we were unable to control the fact our mother chose drugs over us. It pains me daily that there are so many children who need a kind word and a gentle smile, something simple and so easy to give and receive.

Bullying hurts everyone. It leaves scars that don’t heal. It is something I will never understand, it is something that I will spend the rest of my life fighting against.

There are many people in this world who are worthy of protecting, loving, and getting to know. These same people are your neighbors, employees, friends and families.20140704-024008-9608095.jpg