Children learn what they Live- Let’s Teach Them to Love Others

When planning events, our twins Maryssa and Makenna get as excited as I do with the fluff and flutter.

Rather its a traditional wedding ceremony, funeral, Baptism, House Blessing or Unification Ceremony- these girls enjoy lending a hand and getting involved with the process.

Cindy Daniel and I have raised these gorgeous twin grand daughters of my sister. She has had custody of since birth and primary caregiver of to be kind to others, considerate of others and, most importantly respectful of others.

Creating compassion in our children should be taught in school, it’s come to my attention that often this important emotion is no longer as wide spread as when I was a child. And, while growing up without a mother and not having fabulous clothing didn’t win me any popularity contests, Cindy and I were born with generous spirits loving others from all walks of life.

Cindy and I learned compassion at a young age, our childhood and adult years have often been difficult in overcoming many obstacles. My childhood stutter would be a set back for me, depending heavily on my sister to speak for me a number of years until speech therapy and public speaking finally took hold.

Luck in life isn’t always as widespread as you might think. In fact, it is often those who “have done without” that are capable of sacrificing the most. Struggle has given me a kind heart and made me who I am today. Live your today as if tomorrow will never come and you shall have no regrets.

It has been said that what doesn’t break you makes you stronger- I believe this wholeheartedly.

These tiny Texas Twins love bringing smiles to all around them and whatever event we are involved with normally includes our family members.

You see, I set up this business specifically for my family. Spending more time with them was a priority for me, making others happy and giving them peace and unity through my services followed up with my reasons for starting this business.

Often times, email from others dictates special requests with financial restraints and, I’m famous for “gifting” services, floral designs and photos to those wanting a beautiful ceremony on a limited budget.

You see, I’d rather bring a smile to others than get rich. I’m accustomed to budgeting through my eBay sales and based on correspondence, will often review finances to see what can be done to accommodate requests from others by either a free service or reduced rate, usually scheduling a store sale at Texas Twins Treasures to come up with money to pay the staff.

This is not to say that we don’t have events for others that donations are not appreciated. After all, film, flowers and tips for the twins can add up, along with gas and other necessities.

Negotiating venues, catering and other items for couples has always been a specialty of mine. Working hard to get the best price for them is my goal.

I sold Cadillacs in Fort Worth and negotiated with buyers to get them the best deal- which affected my bottom line as a salesperson but, afforded me the luxury of a clear conscience at the end of the day- priceless! The customer was happy, had a car they could afford, and I worked a second job to make ends meet.

I believe if we all worked towards a common goal of mutual respect for others coupled with compassion the world would be a better place, regardless of who you are or where you came from or where you’re going.

Working with others is a rewarding experience that if you haven’t had the the opportunity to experience gratitude and a smile from your act of kindness, you’re missing out my friend, it’s the best feeling in the world to get a hug from a happy couple or hear that you gave a grieving family peace knowing their loved one was in a better place.

From Fort Worth, my family, my friends and my community will always be my first priority in life and, in business. Fort Worth Friendly- it has a nice ring to it.