Ceremonies Involving Ribbons, Doves or Butterflies

The ribbon ceremony is a nice way to involve children into the service (similar to a lasso ceremony). What you do is stand side by side either facing each other or facing me. Hold hands. During this part, your children approach on cue and lightly tie a ribbon around your wrists, tying you together and blessing your union. You can play music during this time (or not).

The dove or butterfly release can be done before or after the marriage pronouncement. I would suggest doing it immediately before. Some people do a balloon release, but since balloons end up killing a lot of birds (they swallow the plastic), it’s a frowned upon additional element and there are numerous other ways to celebrate without harming wildlife. Doves and butterflies are beautiful and add dramatic flair to an event. In some places however pigeons are substituted for doves because the doves often don’t survive in certain climates. Pigeons still have a beautiful appeal and, by checking your climate prior to the event, you can rest easy knowing you used forethought for the safety of the birds.

The butterflies are sold by the dozen and are out into small triangular boxes just prior to the wedding. They seem to hibernate and immediately take flight upon release. I always suggest keeping a few additional in a vented jar in the event that a few do not survive prior to your event so that you can replace the deceased butterflies for a specific reason, there is nothing beautiful about quickly opening a box that offers a few gorgeous and stunning butterflies gracefully flying off with dead butterflies either falling on the ground, or remaining in the box! Remember, something beautiful is the memory we are instilling for not only the couple but their guests as well! Planning and preparation involve forethought and a backup plan.

It’s very important to address an issue that for safety reasons should be self explanatory but, I’ve heard disastrous stories and because of this will reiterate the dove release MUST be done OUTSIDE and never inside a building or structure. Birds escaping and flying into the roof or wall and falling to their death isn’t pleasant for anyone.

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Reverend Wendy Wortham
The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events