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Many of my readers submit some fairly interesting questions and I enjoy answering them with my saucy sidekick and twin sister, Cindy Daniel. 

Cindy Daniel Maryssa Mahaney Makenna Mahaney Wendy Wortham
 Many of my readers wonder if we laugh at everything and the truth is- we most certainly try to laugh about everything with the alternative being crying- why not look at that cup as being half full rather than half empty? Follow my latest blog at my new website Texas Twins TV Blog for more of our crazy adventures while giving anyone, regardless of their income, the opportunity for a beautiful ceremony or event by taking trades for services.

Comedy Queen Cindy Daniel has a one liner for nearly any situation and can make a disaster more fun at weddings and event ceremonies by explaining her “take” on the situation during our travels.  Cindyism is the Redneck Reality “spin” of what my sister observes at events and family functions.  Cindy also “throws her two cents in” about her husband, Steve Daniel and his unique talent of taking a “honey do” list and turning it around into a “Steve Daniel List” or simply vanishing into the North Forty at the Daniel Diva Diggs. 

Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham The Pawning Planners
 Over here at WorthamWorld, I have similar issues with my “honey do” list for Matthew Wortham because both of our husbands apparently hate being asked or told what to do when they are busy “lounging and watching tv.”Dream Events & The Pawning Planners Reality TV

Many of you wonder how many events our husbands actually attend as part of the Texas Twins Events Services & Ceremonies Texas Twins Events Steve Daniel and Matthew Wortham attend with us?  Unless it is a “red flag” emergency, our husbands rarely accompany us to an event.  However, if Cindy or I have forgotten something while packing either of our suv’s and don’t have time to “make a run” to replace the missing item or need assistance assembling an arbor or construction is necessary- we effectively “Rope A Dope” one or both of them right into the mix! 

Robert & Stephanie Hafele Ann Alexander & Stephaney Mahaney
 Steve Daniel and Matthew Wortham love watching television so much that Cindy and I have had to stand in front of the numerous tv’s in both of our homes to get attention around here.

The Little Pawners are far better at getting attention by jumping into their laps and “requesting” this or that because Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney know how to play their “cute card” to order a pizza, go to the park or see a movie with Steve or Matthew. 

Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney The Little Pawners
 Last season Cindy and I became lost attempting to find a remote venue in Burleson and decided to make a “Red Flag Emergency” call to our husbands after realizing we ran the possibility of being late.  Steve Daniel almost never answers his phone while Matthew Wortham always does so it was my husband who “pointed us in the right direction.”

Steve maintains that he doesn’t know how to text although everyone in my family has attempted to teach him this skill.  He’s really good at playing a “dummy up” call if he’s planned to go fishing and we send him a text.  “Oh, I saw something going on with my phone but I was out on the lake and the sun was too bright for me to figure out what was going on.”  Steve Daniel is exceptionally good at getting out of stuff around here and has a few one liner Steveisms himself!

Loading the suv’s at WorthamWorld will normally find my husband relaxing in his recliner that he tells anyone who will listen “I waited 8 years to get because my wife hates recliners- I earned the privledge of having a piece of furniture that Wendy hates.”  He’s right of course, I prefer club chairs, chaises and “attractive pieces” over a LazyBoy any day of the week and he loves that chair!  I went with him to pick it out in order to be certain it didn’t clash with my other beloved Texas Twins Treasures pieces here at WorthamWorld. 

Wendy Wortham @ WorthamWorld
 Laughing at the things that might have Cindy or I crying is our way of dealing with the things we realize we can’t control!  As we prepare for a weekend trip with an upcoming event on October 3, organizing my rowdy crew of adventurers is (as usual) like trying to change the weather because everyone has their “own agenda.”

Trying to leave with everyone having everything, everyone going to the bathroom or finding their keys can be a complete escapade in futility and often someone is arguing with someone else such as my son, Robert and his wife Stephanie on who had their car keys last? 

Texas Twins Events/Pawning Planners Team
Where is her phone? No, you had it last! Or, Cindy forgetting what she did with the flower baskets or looking at me while I ask like I’m speaking in another language to her by playing the “Dummy Up” card! 

On Location Stephanie Hafele & Reverend Wendy Wortham
Yes, it’s the trump card everybody (including me) uses when we are busted on forgetting or losing something around here.  “What bouquet are you talking about? I put three choices in my basket!” Me.  “I know I put that basket in your SUV not mine!” Cindy.  “What do you mean? I handed that to you?”  Both of us. 

Robert Hafele Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney Stephanie Hafele
 Like a 3 ring circus, the DanielDivaDiggs and WorthamWorld have an interesting mix of personalities and players who can and (eventually) will pull it all together as a “team” to get the job done but it’s the “getting there” that creates a “caravan of comedy” around here with everyone blaming everyone else when they forgot something or sheepishly advise me that we “need to go back” upon realizing Stephanie left her phone, Robert doesn’t have more batteries for the camera (that I specifically set out), or one of the twins has forgotten something or don’t have their “this or that.” 

Makenna Mahaney Wendy Wortham Maryssa Mahaney Cindy Daniel
Yes, packing up and heading out can be an “adventure” when your family business involves your family but, at the end of the day, these goofy “excuse making” players can make me laugh and forget what a crew of disorganized disasters they are!  

Attempting to “pilot” our next pilgrimage from Fort Worth, I’m off to evaluate a trade for services for a family reunion that may require a trailer and waiting on my husband to text me back or my brother in law to answer his phone (as usual). 

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