You Are What You Post-Social Media Can Make Or Break Your Reputation…

This morning I sent my son a text along with a photo of someone we both know that I was unfollowing in order to explain why having so and so on my timeline was coming to an end.

Occasionally, folks get offended when they are blocked and unfollowed without really understanding why they are alienating themselves in the first place.

Our Little Pawners have mixed feelings about social media.  Maryssa loves posting photos and selfies-Makenna hates social media and on rare occasions, will post photos of her dog.  They have many friends on FB and Instagram and their friends follow my twin and I so we see whatever they post.  At 12 years old, these posts are of food and fun and full of the innocence that you would expect. 

Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney
Recently, I wrote a blog regarding social media and why I screen profiles prior to following back or connecting-Why What You Post Matters To Me On Social Media.  A few people emailed me after I declined and invitation to connect on LinkedIn and posted a blog detailing my reasons for not connecting.  If you’re on LinkedIn and posting bikini photos or “half nude type” updates, we have nothing in common.  

I operate a family friendly business and trust me when I tell you that there is not and never will be “promiscuous” photos of myself or my family anywhere on the Internet.  We enjoy looking at twin photos of social media friends and updates regarding their families and their pets.  We do not enjoy posts on our timelines of people getting drunk or belligerent or missing most of their clothes on posts-we have no interest in these types of “updates.”

Our connections on Twitter are compromised of writers and sellers on eBay, Amazon, Etsy or Bonanza.  They post items they are selling and books they’ve recently published and (like us) retweet & favorite their connections tweets.  Retweeting and favoriting others tweets is time consuming on Twitter.  The time involved to properly use Twitter to promote yourself and your connections is one of the main reasons that many folks give up on using Twitter as a marketing platform.  Twitter is a sellers marketplace but it requires interaction to work for you so if you’re only posting for yourself-my guess is that Twitter isn’t working for you.  We regularly post photos of weddings and events as well as our children and grandchildren along with blogs and items for sale at Texas Twins Treasures-Twitter “works for us” because we work with our connections.

Linkedin connections are in the wedding and events industry, marketing, hotel or travel as well as catering, photography, DJ and other industries that “go with” wedding and event services on my timeline.  I promote my connections and they promote me or share my posts because that’s what networking is-working together.  For my thousands of connections on numerous platforms- thank you for “keeping it clean” with your posts and updates!  

  Posts on FB are almost always related to events or family and friends unless we are sharing something funny or informative we’ve seen or sharing a friends post.  Our closest friends are on FB because we share far more personal posts on FB including the doctor or other “check ins” that would normally never be “out there on the net.”

Apparently, no matter how many times I give advice to others about what not to post, there will always be someone who thinks something inappropriate is appropriate-I can’t control that but I can control whether you are on my timeline or not and whether I choose to follow you-or not. 

 If what your posting isn’t family friendly-perhaps we have nothing in common and therefore, no reason to be connected in the first place…

Wendy M Wortham