The Pawning Planners Understand The Financial Hurdles Of Our Clients…

Unless you’ve suffered job loss or wage cuts when planning a vacation, new home purchase or even a wedding or upcoming event- it’s difficult to comprehend how hard it is for families who come to me through my sister site No Money? No Problem! We Take Trades- The Pawning Planners

 Their stories are often heartbreaking and based on something unexpected happening that ruined their ability to afford something they had planned on.

My dedicated readers know that during the real estate crisis in 2007, my husband lost his real estate development business and was unable to find work for three years.  This was a tragic time for us and the struggle was real.  I decided to sell my furs and jewelry along with our furniture and even my clothing and shoes in order to get by and put food on the table.  Unless you’ve been forced to sacrifice and survive- the struggle for many families won’t touch your heart.  You see I understand these families and I understand their stories because I’ve been where they are and I’ve struggled to give my son a beautiful wedding when we were broke! 

 I’ve been told that I’m passionate and perhaps I am but many of us have survived a struggle and when it was over, put our struggle behind us.  The difference for me was to turn around and help everyone who (like me) were struggling to give their children a beautiful wedding or event and having no idea how they would pay for it.

What events do we do?  The better question is what event don’t we do! Last year I read an email for a young lady who had no friends to throw her a birthday party and she had always wanted one.  I quickly rounded up my team to buy birthday presents and a cake to travel and meet this young lady who couldn’t believe we would give her the opportunity for not only a birthday party but also to meet new friends- my Texas Twins Events Team Sponsored Birthday Party-Texas Twins Events Team is a blog I wrote after meeting Kimberly and spending our afternoon with her.

You see, some events that may not be important to others are very important to our clients and sponsored events are paid for through Visit My Treasure Chest- Texas Twins Treasures where refurbished trades along with my own property and Pawning Planners Apparel are sold.

How did I come up with this concept of bartering?  Well, selling everything we owned to save our home years ago was a start!  I was forced to refurbish items in order for my husband to have a place to sit after selling our dining room furniture, living room furniture and even bedroom furniture in order to “save the farm!”  From my clothes to my jewelry and even our Christmas tree- I know sacrifice and I understand the struggle. 

Two Sets Of Texas Twins- The Pawning Planners & Little Pawners
I’m interviewed frequently about why I created an inventory to loan to clients at no cost to them.  Well, if you are on a fixed budget, you don’t have money for photography (we provide at no cost when necessary) or bouquets, bouteniers or even centerpieces.  I created this inventory at my own expense because I recognized and realized that a need existed for families. From flower baskets to ring pillows to cake stands and serving sets- I own everything necessary and loan it so my clients don’t need to buy it to use once.

Floral Designs by Wendy Wortham
Flower Baskets & Fascinators Property of Texas Twins Treasures & Wendy Wortham
No family plans for a financial setback but my goal was to find these families and help them. 

Perhaps I’m doing things a little differently with estate liquidation sales, pawning parties and events that are out of the ordinary.  But “ordinary” to whom?

Occasionally we need to make a Walmart run for families who can’t afford to buy items themselves Last Minute Purchases With Wendy Wortham & The Little Pawners is a video of what lengths I’m willing to go to for families of sponsored events.

Tomorrow my team will travel to Mineral Wells for yet another sponsored event for Jennifer Alexander Irwin who also contacted me for a Dream Event.  We will be providing the wedding flowers, pearls for the bride and our twin Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna will be acting as the flower girls to give Jennifer the wedding she always wanted.  We will be doing this wedding in a park because it’s free and having a pot luck reception afterwards.

Are these families stories as unique as my list of services offered?  You bet but many of these folks had nowhere else to turn and after selling the home we fought for years to save- I did something unexpected and started businesses to directly target the people facing the same issues that I did when my son announced his plans to marry.

Being “the person you’ve never met” isn’t new for me because it’s the way I live.  Involving my entire family in the wedding and events business wasn’t planned either but my journey to change the wedding and events industry one family at a time from Fort Worth, Texas will continue as we hit our 5th year of meeting new friends and families while sharing their story.

Wendy M Wortham