Why The Pawning Planners Do Things “Differently” For Clients…

Last night my Texas Twins Events Team loaded up into three suv’s to travel to The Bowman Wedding in the country at a plot of land surrounded by trees and having the Brazos River for a backdrop. 

Loaded Up And Ready To Roll- Wendy Wortham
Due to the recent rainstorms, I wore boots to this event and since it was pot luck and bring your own lawn chairs, made a pit stop at Walmart for chips, dips and colas prior to meeting my son in the parking lot.

The Wedding That Almost Wasn’t- arriving at the location and checking out GPS, I was shocked that we were the only people there and worse, worried we were at the wrong location.  A home was located on the land and the owner quickly came outside to see what we were doing there.  Now, we are in Texas and after explaining we were here for a wedding- our unexpected homeowner advised us the wedding was in the field past his home and that I was parked on his watermelon patch to boot! 

Wendy Wortham, Stephanie Hafele, Robert Hafele And Ann Alexander
Being lost isn’t a unique experience for us since we often do weddings and parks, fields, barns and backyards.  But seeing other cars and trucks follow the “road” immediately set us at ease by knowing we were in the right place at the right time! 
Wendy Wortham, Robert Hafele, Ann Alexander & Makenna Mahaney On Location

We had married Rebecca & Christy Bowman-Holder a few years ago and I had been asked to officiate with my team handling the photography and videography on location after Rebbeca recommended us for this event.

The land has a real outhouse and after being on the run all day- Cindy and I joined Rebbecca for a quick visit.  Rebbecca assured us that she had already checked for spiders, scorpions, and snakes which we hadn’t even thought of. 






What makes Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners different from any other wedding vendor?  Well friend I address this question far more often than you might think.  We help anyone regardless of their income because I stepped up to the plate and created a business to address the low to middle class consumer.  That’s right- many of our clients could never imagine a “high priced and fancy affair.”  The truth is that most of America can’t and although there are some pretty splashy weddings and events out there- we work with what we have and help out families because reaching back is important to us and because we believe in giving back. 



I don’t believe that you should be well to do in order to have a dream event and neither does my multigenerational family.  What we do believe is that everyone should enjoy a beautiful event.

A little bit country?  Well, we are in Texas ya all and although we would love to expand and visit this great country by taking trades and doing events in other states, we can’t afford to and hope that one day the opportunity will present itself.  After all, I’m licensed in numerous states and love to travel! Road trip anyone? 

Last nights reception was held at the home of the happy new couple and featured ribs & brisket with potatoe salad and beans with corn on the Cobb and beautiful wedding cakes prepared by Rebbeccas mother for the couple. 

Life Of The Party- Cindy Daniel My Saucy Sidekick And Twin Sister
As I prepare to meet with an Air Force client who is planning an October 22nd wedding on Carswell Air Force Base in a cargo plane, I realize that my team and I may be different but, we would have never helped hundreds of families if the need didn’t exist.

Being the person I’ve never met has brought me new friends and adventures with my family that I would have never had if I didn’t “change things up a bit” and address the many families who may not have had much money.

The Bowman Family donated two bridesmaids dresses and a wedding dress to me since they know I often loan clothing as well as flowers and complimentary photography for my Pawning Planners clients because I understand their financial inability to buy or provide these things on their own.

It’s quite common for me to loan a wedding dress, bridesmaids dress, button up shirt or other attire for Pawning Planners clients.

After meeting and visiting with Hannah, she asked me a question that has come up before “why are your prices so affordable?”  I told her that I had applied a Military Discount to their wedding.  She then explained how other vendors had responded to her request for an officiant by proclaiming “we support the military” on their bid at $375 and up.  Ironically, Hannah went to the website to find the standard fees of $275 for a wedding officiant and told me that the “price hike” of the Military Discount was far from being a discount.  I explained that I don’t compete with other vendors because I don’t have to.  My fees are directly targeted at the low to middle income consumer.  This unique wedding at a base I drive by everyday and on the Tarmac in a cargo plane supporting a military couple is an honor for me and my team and as an added bonus- we will also be providing free photography and CDs of photos to the couple.  They will both have their daughters in the ceremony and I suggested bubbles for them to add fun to the wedding photos.  The bride will be wearing a beautiful and unique kaftan with the groom wearing a Nike Tshirt with the logo “just do it!” 


Beautiful Bride Hannah

The bride explained that she found her dress in her mother’s closet for free and that she wished to have a bouquet of photos from the courtship for her bouquet and boutennier.  We will work together to ensure her gorgeous and unique wedding bouquet is stunning and intimate made only for her.

Enjoying a wonderful visit in my home office, Hannah told me she understood why I helped so many people with limited resources.  “You are passionate about what you do and I knew when I went to your sites and looked at your photos that you were the one for us!”

I told Hannah that she was right.  Working my businesses gives me a unique opportunity to meet families from all walks of life and to help them.  We are the people we’ve never met and become friends with every family we meet and are honored to be a part of their special event.

I’ve me hundreds of families over the years and I’ve had an interesting journey of helping them achieve the gift of a dream event with my family.  We’ve shared joy at weddings and sorrow at funerals.  We’ve also dug through barns and building trying to find a flip, swap or trade and we’ve worked together to refurbish items in order to sell them.

My family spend a lot of time meeting people and orchestrating their event and we enjoy- truly enjoy the opportunities that Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures & The Pawning Planners have opened up for us.

A journey of adventure and families will soon be available via my autobiography “The Pawning Planners- Changing The Wedding And Events Industry One Family At A Time.” 

Robert & Stephanie Hafele- My Son & Daughter In Law
Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel- The Pawning Planners

Twins and Friends- Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham
Our Second Generation Twins- Makenna & Maryssa Mahaney AKA The Little Pawners
Everyone on my multigenerational team contributes to dream events by bringing their own unique talents.  My twin sister Cindy is hilarious and entertaining.  My son is also a wedding officiant while his wife handles photography.  My step daughter Ann officiates weddings as well as execution and set up.  My niece Stephaney Mahaney is a bilingual translator and my niece Leigh Ann Blais a wedding singer.  My grandnieces Maryssa and Makenna are flower girls, ring bearers and ushers at events. 

Meet My Family- Texas Twins Events Team
 Together we make a unique and creative team that continue to give back to our community and help families enjoy a dream event- we are passionate about what we do because I saw a window of families who needed help and decided to do something about it with my family joining me on my journey…

Wendy M Wortham No Money? No Problem- The Pawning Planners