Why Texas Twins Events Offers Texas Prison Weddings- Reverend Wendy Wortham On Texas Department Of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) Wedding Ceremonies…

When you shift as easily from a barn, venue of backyard to Officiate a wedding to a Texas Prison or Jail, a few people are shocked at the wide range of clients you actually help make their Dream Event a Reality from Fort Worth, Texas!

Since I answer a lot of questions regarding extending our list of Event Services to Prisons or Jails, today’s blog will better explain how and why my business venture took an unexpected turn a few years ago and more importantly why a few eyebrows were being raised over my client base.Many of my “traditional” photos posted to websites and social media aren’t surprising until some people realize that the people holding Bouquets and smiling are the same people in a Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Photo taken inside a Texas Prison. 

One of the main reasons for the traditional outdoor photos is the fact that many of my Texas Prison Wedding Clients were so unhappy with their Prison Photos that I decided to offer FREE Photo Shoots as a courtesy to Clients. 

I bring a wide array of flowers and props to ensure that their photos are fun and beautiful. Not everyone cares as much as I do about giving a Bride or Groom an opportunity to “celebrate” their wedding in a spontaneous photo shoot but, regardless of how different their wedding day may be, I believe everyone should have a good time and permanent memories of their wedding day. Photos last forever.

A few years ago, Chad contacted us regarding a family reunion. He had finally found his biological family and wanted to orchestrate a family reunion. Chad didn’t have any money but, he did have an old truck. Bartering Event Services surprises people but, bartering allows anyone to trade in lieu of paying for services. To better explain hoe the process works, we made this video– The Pawning Planners Walk A Trade.

Several months ago, I realized that someone else was using the name, Texas Prison Weddings and went to the expense to Trademark the name. This is an ordinary course of business for me because protecting your intellectual property is essential to protecting your “brand.” 

Although during a few months of the year my client base is predominantly compromised of “traditional” services and ceremonies due to wedding season in Texas on weekends and evenings, Texas Prison Weddings take place at Units during the week from 9-5 and therefore, fit perfectly into my schedule.  

A creative Request for a wedding Officiant nearly two years ago is actually how I moved from exclusive venues and backyards into Officiating at Texas Prisons. 

It’s an interesting story that most likely wouldn’t have happened if Misty hadn’t been turned down by everyone she has contacted prior to finding me. Misty had two problems with other vendors. 

First and foremost, her fiancée was in prison. Second, she was asked whether the marriage was LBGT or biracial by wedding Officiants who most likely failed to realize that “not just anyone” can Officiate a wedding in a Prison who continued to “screen” her although no one she had contacted was TDCJ Approved to Officiate a prison wedding in the first place. Misty found me and the rest is history!If you missed the original blog about why I became a Texas Department of Criminal Justice Approved Officiant, here’s the link– Reverend Wendy Wortham Texas Department Of Criminal Justice Approved Officiant.

Since I’ve been asked about being “uneasy” about walking into Prisons, TDCJ Ferguson Unit and TDCJ Polunsky Unit are by far the most intimidating Units. Why? At Ferguson the inmates were yelling and you could hear them from the parking area which is highly unusual at Prisons. Here’s the blog link– Rev. Wendy Wortham On Location TDCJ Ferguson Unit.

Polunsky Unit houses Death Row inmates. I wrote a recent blog about Polunsky due to the overwhelming requests for an Officiant-Texas Death Row Inmates & TDCJ Wedding Ceremonies.

This “screening process” by my competition is a regular occurrence that offends not only prospective clients but also penalizes prospects who may be viewed as “different” that pay higher fees than traditional couples. Shocking isn’t it? But, it’s true. 

I’ve helped hundreds of clients who were either denied services or double charged because they were biracial, pregnant, unattractive or even LBGT. It’s true. 

One bride actually told me that she couldn’t find a photographer because she “didn’t have a lot of money and couldn’t afford flowers or photographers and was told by one photographer that no one wants an ugly bride to promote their business.” 

Good grief. We helped her, loaned her flowers, clothing and gave her the wedding that no one else was willing to do.Another bride couldn’t find an Officiant because she was pregnant! Since when does being pregnant prevent you from finding an Officiant?Whether you were LBGT, missing teeth, marrying a Prisoner, pregnant, biracial or anything else, you were treated by my staff with the compassion and understanding that you should have been treated with by our competitors. We love our clients and treat them like family.How tragic that people were treated differently because they weren’t perfect. My goal when I started Texas Twins Events was to help anyone have a Dream Event. I didn’t care if you were different and never have. Whatever made you different also made you unique and special. 

I will never forget the flood of messages regarding one bride who obviously couldn’t afford a dentist being accused of wearing Billy Bob teeth. People can be so mean sometimes that it’s really heartbreaking.From Parks to Karate Studios, Prisons or Jails, Backyards, Barns, Airplanes, Parking Lots and everywhere in between, our Event Locations are as unique as our clients. 

My photos share a story of over 1,390 families who tried and tried to find someone to help them and failed until they found my family and I who don’t judge anyone and welcome a melting pot of unique families from all walks of life. 

We don’t care if you’re planning a wedding and “showing” because you’re pregnant. We don’t care if you are a biracial couple. We don’t care if you are “different.” In fact, we celebrate our unique and diverse clients so much that I offer year round discounts to LBGT couples! That’s right. Half of all my business bookings are LBGT Clients.

Last month, I had a question come through the contact us link regarding my beautiful bride at a Texas Prison. The inquiry wanted to know if it was the same person in the photo taken inside the unit by a TDCJ officer that was on the highway in another photo? Yes. You cannot bring Bouquets into a Prison. Because of this, I find areas near Units and stage impromptu photo shoots with my Texas Twins Treasures Inventory which is why a photo in a Prison is often posted with a photo outside of the prison. It’s the same person in a different environment. I’m also a floral designer so I used my creative talents to create an inventory to loan clients so they wouldn’t be forced to provide their own items. It’s a courtesy that no other vendor offers. Why? Risk. Your inventory can be lost, damaged or stolen on location. It’s rare but, it’s happened. 

Since I also sell custom designs and centerpieces to other clients, it should be noted that loaned designs and sold designs are two completely different things. Sold items are never loaned to anyone. Loaned items ars used by 60% of my client bookings because the option thrills our clients.

We don’t only do Weddings either. Texas Twins Events also offer Princess Parties, Photography, Estate Liquidations, Religious Services and Ceremonies, Event Planning, Floral Designs & More. My Team are all cross trained to handle almost any creative Request. We have 6 Officiants on staff, two photography teams, two coordinators, three TDCJ Officiants to handle Prison or Jail Weddings, and more. 

My Texas Twins Events Team rebranded and expanded to offer a Barter option with The Pawning Planners. ANY Event Service can also be bartered for clients who may not have money to pay for their booking.

We are different because my goal was to do something that had never been done before by helping anyone regardless of their income. That made three generations of my family and I stand apart from everyone else but, it also brought us an amazing client base of rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight and everything in between. The people no one else wanted to help flocked to us and we became a movement of kindness and compassion. We became literal Friends Of The Friendless because we were willing to do whatever it took to make our clients feel special. We listened when no one else cared and, we’ve made a difference in the lives of the many families we have helped. What made us different also made us far more popular. I don’t need to advertise to generate clients.  

I enjoy the unpredictability of where I will be tomorrow, next week or next month. I’m never bored. Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures, Texas Prison Weddings and The Pawning Planners all work together and gave me time to spend with my family while helping others. 

Sometimes doing something different can be intimidating but, I was willing to think outside the box and by doing so, I’ve enjoyed an amazing adventure of fun, new friends and new adventures with my family.An amazing journey to change the wedding and events industry one family at a time created a window of helping anyone and while helping others along the way brought us a few surprises from Birthday Parties to Barbecues, to Prison Weddings and more, from Hillbilly to white collar professionals or blue collar brick layers, we have had the opportunity to meet amazing people from all walks of life because we cared. 

Maybe that makes my family and I different from other vendors who wanted to make as much money as they could from each client or wanted their clients to be beautiful and glamorous or rich or successful but, there are far more interesting families that are hardworking paycheck to paycheck folks doing the best they can. 

We prefer to spend our time with interesting families who all have a story to share…