Why I Believe Same Sex Marriage in Texas Should Be Legal Love is Love

I’m a corporate sponsor for numerous charitable organizations, this isn’t anything new for me as I’ve had many friends in the LBGT community throughout my lifetime.

Often asked why since I’m not gay or lesbian I’ve decided to take a moment and explain my reasons for taking a stand for alternative lifestyle choices that would have some fellow Texans jumping up and down over “Christian” values.

I’m a non denominational Minister and while I perform ceremonies for numerous faiths, my belief is that God loves everyone and it is not for me to judge nor anyone else.

Many of my friends have died and left their estates to their families rather than their partners simply because they had no idea that Death Decisions and Estate a Planning in Probate Courts do not recognize same sex unions in the same ways as traditional marriages which is why I published the blog 5 Legal Documents Every LBGT Couple Need.

Furthermore, the issue of insurance is one of great importance that needs to be addressed. You see my dearest friend Charles Thomason was unable to add his partner, Dewitt McKnight to his policy and watched him painfully die while getting medical attention at a county hospital with less than compassionate care. The two years this poor man struggled while Charles worked to support him were painful for everyone around them and, upon Dewitt’s death, his family took possession of ALL of his assets leaving his 32 year partner with nothing including photos of their years together.

I’m also an advocate for the rights of twins because I am a twin and was separated in school from my sister who often spoke for me due to a chronic stutter which caused great emotional distress as well as a champion for domestic abuse victims.

Things that are important to me may not be important to others or, they simply may not understand my passion but please understand that if I believe that things need to change it’s because I’ve seen or experienced the results when laws aren’t changed to benefit others.

Many of my clients are multi cultural and whether you are yellow, purple, or grey, rest assured that every client from any walk of life will be treated with respect and dignity by myself and my Texas Twins Team because I believe my role in life is to promote kindness and compassion within my community.

After all, simply because you don’t understand the lifestyle choices of others doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy the same rights of traditional couples- love is love.

Reverend Wendy Wortham
The Pawning Planners