Banner Advertising & Blogging, Why Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel Do Both…

Yesterday after running to jump into our primary SUV for The Pawning Planners/Texas Twins Events upon realizing it was rolling away without me, I tried to make a mental note to myself to call the dealership and ask why I’m able to remove my keys when the vehicle isn’t in park. Did I look hilarious accomplishing this task? Probably but, a fellow shopper ran up to me to inquire about my business which added a highlight to my otherwise hectic day after she took the time to google my sites after reading both banners on my vehicle because she was “intrigued.”

Cindy Daniel and I both have banners for our websites on the back windows of our dueling SUV road rockets www.texastwinsevents.com and www.thepawningplanners.com because frankly, we are all over the place and pretty much live out of our vehicles. We have found that advertising on vehicles covers a much wider area than strategic marketing and, is CHEAP!

Our best advertising comes from word of mouth and happy clients, keeping your clients long term is the most important element to any successful business. I learned this at a young age and, practice customer satisfaction everyday by keeping my lines of communication open at all times.

After catching my breath (thanks Hyundai) to talk to this young lady, I was surprised (and pleased) to hear that she had already visited both websites to check out our services and was wanting a business card.

When I started Texas Twins Events, budgets for advertising were pretty much non existent after setting up a website, the business and paying Trademark/Copyright fees.

My website developer suggested creating an organic site that would be based on creative content written within my blogs documenting my events, my adventures and my philosophy of this business with two sets of twins in Texas.

At first I admit to being intimidated by “putting myself out there” however, for most of my life I’ve been told to write a book chronicling my unique journey and, what better way to get started than by using my businesses to keep a journal of sorts for reference on my traumas (I’m a perfectionist and let’s face it- this business isn’t always “perfect”) my triumphs and my path to afford anyone regardless of income the ability for a beautiful low cost or no cost event.

A few weeks ago while our production company, Good Clean Fun was here in Fort Worth filming the pilot for The Pawning Planners, Nick Lee overheard me discussing registering my autobiography with the Writers Guild of America and asked if I was planning to write a book? At some point but, since I’m contacted weekly and occasionally daily by content writers and/or film makers about this unique and creative endeavor, I decided that protecting my intellectual property to the fullest extent was a good idea.

You see in the beginning, I did every aspect of my own business including conducting the ceremony and my twin, Cindy Daniel did our photography and videography to keep our costs low. Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney jumped on board as ring bearers, flower girls and ushers to “get in on the business” and, get paid.

I believe that being capable of addressing every aspect of your business on your own is perhaps along with being affordable, my greatest asset. By doing everything yourself, you not only deal with clients on a personal level, you also learn something new everyday that you may not have realized was valuable information to “stick in your cap” for the next event.

I knew that Cindy Daniel and myself would never be late or miss an event due to our stellar work ethics and therefore, never worried about someone calling in sick.

Deciding to add to our growing team and give Cindy Daniel a break from “visiting” with guests while I took the photos, conducted the ceremony and assisted other vendors at events, had me asking around for volunteer photographers. My son and his wife, Robert and Stephanie Mahaney had been studying photography and jumped on board- life works out that way sometimes.

Ann Alexander is my husbands step daughter who contacted me about this “exciting and innovative company” seeking to help in whatever capacity she could offer while working part time at David’s Bridal.

Virginia Malone had been my surrogate mother for nearly 25 years and quickly volunteered to help out along with my beautiful nieces, Leigh Ann Blais and Stephaney Mahaney with singing and Spanish translation, our team evolved and together we resolved the many unexpected adventures that have inspired us and ironically, taught us that perseverance and team work can overcome almost any issue.

If you see me running around an outdoor venue waving my arms, I’m not having a breakdown, rather I’m running from bees, wasps or hornets for I’m highly allergic and don’t wear perfume to prevent an unwanted “attraction.”

If you see me chasing my SUV, give me a second to gain control of the situation and I’m ready to give you information and share our amazing journey with you over a glass of iced tea.

Whoever thought a banner and a blog would gain so much attention? Trust me baby- I was the last one to realize that our dear and loyal readers share our story and, social media and visual advertising on vehicles are small investments of both time and money that really do pay off long term and I’m lucky and blessed with a web developer and production team that I can contact to ask questions or address something of interest to me that touches my heart and load up my SUV with Cindy and our team to “go mobile” while posting a blog in a parking lot or, putting my make up on in the drive through.

These Texas Twins Travel BABY!

Wendy M Wortham
The Pawning Planners