“Where there is love there is life.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

As usual my week has been hectic, fast paced and full of surprises. Monday was Tarrant County and Green Bay. Tuesday was Lindsey State Jail to Coffield Unit. Before you Google, the distance is about 3 hours so yes I was hustling.

Tuesday evening I picked up my Wednesday bride, Ruth who took a Greyhound from El Paso. I bought her dinner then drove her to her hotel room and walked the room to make sure she was safe.

This morning I picked her up from the hotel and began our journey to TDCJ Allred Unit. Ruth was wearing a beautiful gold gown and excited.

I love learning about my clients and their history. Ruth knew her fiancée prior to incarceration. Don’t be shocked as nearly 92% of all my clients marrying an inmate knew the person prior to incarceration. It’s very very rare for a pen pal marriage to work. So rare that I often try to talk clients out of doing so.

Tomorrow I have three brides at Beto then Friday Parker & Palo Pinto Jail before flying into Arkansas to travel the state.

My son and his his wife covered Nebraska this week. Cindy is juggling county and I’m all over the place as usual…