When Waiting Pays Off And Other Surprising Stories…

Today while watching my husband make his list and check it twice, I had a call from my Linda Woodman State Jail Client with a bit of exciting news. 

His bride is finally being released and the wedding will go on after all. It’s a true Love After Lock Up story. Months ago, in July, we had a date for their wedding. Three days before the wedding, it was cancelled by the Warden. The reason? The bride was listed as CLM (Common Law Married) to another prisoner at a separate unit. Because of this, the bride couldn’t be married inside a TDCJ Unit.

The groom was devastated by this news and had been planning to fly from North Carolina for the wedding. The misuse of Informal Marriage Affidavits is actually staggering. 

Many of the people signing them for contact visits have no idea that the document will prevent them from marrying anyone other than the parties listed inside a Texas Prison. 

Because of this hurdle, I’ve heard all too many stories from clients who had no idea whatsoever that their fiancée was listed as being Informally Married to SOMEONE ELSE. It’s a real problem. 

I spoke with the groom several times trying to help with his Prison wedding planning and like him, had no idea the I60 would be denied because of a surprise he knew nothing about.

We made plans to have the wedding after her release and I’m happy to hear the plans are finally in action for a jam packed December of events this year including finally meeting Lloyd and his bride in person next month.

Every year my husband becomes the “Christmas King” by running off to buy more lights and decorations. He tweaks his Christmas creations for weeks and even months leading up to the actual holiday. 

Normally, we start unpacking our Christmas bonanza of ornaments, lights and decorations after my birthday on November 13th however, it’s been a rough year for the Texas Twins so, Matthew and I decided to get the party started early based in part on how much I love Christmas decorations as well as my schedule which would prevent me from finding the time to decorate at WorthamWorld. 

I live in a funky old rambling home that is our “downsizer.” After selling our dream home years ago, I found this interesting gen and we’ve lived here since then. Stained glass windows and bay window seats with chandeliers and mirrored walls are a few of the reasons I loved this funky place along with secret hiding places and plenty of room. We have nearly 3,000 square feet which accommodates much of my furniture hoarding of antiques, oriental art and masks from my travels worldwide. 

Nothing matches and I like it that way. My eclectic tastes aren’t for everyone but, it’s not unusual for my clients to choose to marry in my home. In fact, it happens on a regular basis.

A few years ago, my November couple were thrilled that our home was decorated for Christmas. So much so that they chose to marry with my Christmas tree in the background for their wedding photos. 

Sure, it’s a little unusual to decorate so early in the season but, one year I left my tree up until July waiting on my brother in law to come home from Iraq. 

If my home was larger, I’d have a year round Christmas room because I love festive decorations. 

My grandniece Maddy is three and this year will be a first for her enjoying all the festivities that the holidays bring.Maddy’s mom, my niece Leigh Ann has also lost a hundred pounds and is pretty excited about Christmas photos this year. Leigh Ann handles photography for Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins TV and The Pawning Planners so she’s usually behind a camera but, after this weight loss journey, she’s excited to be in the photos herself. 

Last year at a destination wedding in Lompoc, California, my niece hated the photo below. A few months later, she had a gastric bypass surgery in Texas. 

Over the course of a year, her self esteem has literally been transformed. My niece fought her weight most of her life and her surgery has been a true transformation of finally feeling great about herself.

A few days ago, my niece even wore a costume to go trick or treating with Maddy which was a first for her. 

Leigh Ann can’t wait to see her husband, Alex who is stationed in the Navy. Leigh Ann is thrilled and excited to have the energy to keep up with little Maddy.Leigh Ann’s weight loss journey took place one year after my twin and I began our own filming for This Time Next Year on Lifetime. 

If you missed the series, our segment is Twins Are Twice The Fun. Cindy and I each lost 40lbs of midlife weight gain in our 50’s. It wasn’t easy. We wound up at boot camp but, we got through it.There wasn’t an easy button for us and my twin grandnieces, Maryssa and Makenna joined us at 24 Hour Fitness as well as Planet Fitness. Losing weight became a “family affair.”

The twins are now fourteen and also work as Princess Characters at birthday parties for Texas Twins Events and The Pawning Planners. 

Maryssa and Makenna love meeting new people and enjoy working with clients. Years ago, the twins were ring bearers and flower girls. Four generations of my family work for Texas Twins Events, The Pawning Planners and Texas Twins TV. 

I mostly work alone at Texas Prison Weddings With Wendy Wortham other than my saucy sidekick, Cindy Daniel helping me with photography and road tripping across Texas. 

From appraising trades for Pawning Planners Clients to flipping trades at Texas Twins Treasures or anything in between, Cindy and I work together on a daily basis to address our clients needs and, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty either.We are a Twin Team and we do everything together. When Cindy is busy working with other clients, my niece, Leigh Ann joins me on road trips to handle photography for my TDCJ Clients. 

Complimentary photography gives my TDCJ Clients an opportunity to let loose and celebrate their wedding day.Texas Prison Weddings compromise my weekday schedules Monday-Friday. I Officiate 15-25 Prison Weddings a month. Working my other clients “in” works because my traditional event services take place evenings and on weekends. 

Large events often involve my entire family. I only coordinate by referral now due to my schedule as I’m also on staff at numerous venues in DFW as well as Bell Tower Chapel And Garden. 

After a long day of decorating and officiating a wedding at Willow Lake Event Center, I’m looking forward to a slower Sunday with only a baptism in the TCU area and meeting two clients tomorrow.

This week I’m at McConnell Unit Tuesday and back at Hutchins State Jail Thursday with client meetings and deliveries for Texas Twins Treasures midweek so, it’s another busy week for the Texas Twins.

Last weekends western themed wedding photos are amazing and I can’t wait for Leigh Ann to finish her edits to share them with you. Here’s a sneak peak.I’m updating Texas Twins Events to add a special link for TDCJ Clients and hopefully will have everything completed by Thanksgiving. 

For those of you who are trying to undo a CLM Status, please be patient as it is a process. A Correction Affidavit is helpful to amending the original document as is proof that the other party has remarried or divorced. This information can easily be found at the county clerks office.

I’m at TDCJ Polunsky, Allred, Crain, Stiles, Estes, Ferguson, Coffield and Beto Units this month with numerous “stacked Events.” If your Event is stacked, it means I have 2-7 weddings at the same unit on the same day. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early to your unit. We will have 20-30 minutes once inside for your ceremony. 

If you’d like to have conplementary photos with loaned bouquets and props from my inventory after your wedding ceremony, we will have individual photo slots available once I leave the unit. I locate areas near Units that work for outdoor photography and if you have suggestions of a particular location you prefer, please let me know. 

I will send double prints of all photography to you as a gift. Unit photos are $3 each in quarters so, if you plan to purchase unit photos, please bring quarters. I will buy 1-3 photos and make copies for you if you don’t plan to buy your own. These are the only photos you will have of your fiancée so, I always encourage purchasing unit photos.

I’m babysitting my twin grandnieces this evening and have to get running but, enjoying looking out the window at the twinkling lights even if my neighbors think we are jumping the gun again this year. 

My grandnieces love Christmas lights and decorations and thankfully, I live in an old established neighborhood where there aren’t any homeowners associations mandating when I can put up decorations or when I have to take them down…