Wendy Wortham & Cindy Daniel- The Pawning Planners Sponsor A Double Baby Shower…Joanna Magee & Brooke Blumfeld

It’s sad but, Joanna Magee and Brooke Blumfeld had no one else to help them with either the party OR the gifts!  Turning to my Texas Twins Team for help and baby gifts a few months ago came as a surprise since we all remember too well the disaster of the Joanna Magee Dream Event we sponsored that I detailed in the following blog- Joanna Magee Dream Event- Sponsored By Wendy Wortham & Texas Twins Events. You see, it isn’t all “wine and roses” around here when you operate a business that specifically targets low to middle class consumers with nowhere to turn.  Joanna Magee didn’t have any money to pay us and had nothing to trade in exchange for services either.  When this happens- it’s a “sponsored event.” IE: everything comes out of my pocket to cover the event and this is the primary reason that I started my latest website Texas Twins Treasures in order to give others the opportunity to buy Pawning Planners Apparel and sponsor families with their purchase at Supporting Families Of Dream Events Sponsored By Texas Twins Events & The Pawning Planners.  

Joanna Magee Wearing Wedding Dress Provided by Wendy Wortham, Wedding Bouquet Provided by Wendy Wortham with Little Pawners- Maryssa & Makenna Mahaney- Photography Courtesy of Robert & Stephanie Hafele Of Texas Twins Events
Joanna Magee- Bouteniers Provided by Wendy Wortham
Joanna Magee Hair & Make Up By Texas Twins Events Team
Joanna Magees Brother (Far Left Wearing Sunglasses) Disrupts Wedding Photos Along With The Entire Event
You see when you go to all of the trouble and expense that I did for that event and have to deal with an ungrateful family of outlaws- you are (understandably) leery of jumping back into the frying pan.  However, my soft heart got the better of me since I knew full well that her family wasn’t going to lift a finger to prepare her for this baby.

Brooke Blumfeld went to school with Cindy’s daughters and often spent time at Cindy’s home aka the DanielDivaDiggs.  We met her at the Joanna Magee event after falling out of touch over the years.  At the event, Brooke had asked if we would sponsor her wedding since she had never had one and we agreed to in the near future at the time not planning on a baby shower first but hey- that’s life! Sometimes the cart comes before the horse. 

 Many of our children’s friends called my sister and I Aunt Mom or Aunt Cindy or Wendy and they still stop by occasionally to visit.

We view all of these children as our adopted group of children even now that they are adults.

Believe it or not- we’ve been helping folks most of our lives long before I started either The Pawning Planners or Texas Twins Events.

Cindy and I didn’t have parents to give us a beautiful wedding either, the reason that I started these businesses was solely based on my own experiences trying to give my son a beautiful wedding on a budget.  You see, there aren’t any “Fairy Godmothers” flying around and waving a wand to grant a Dream Event.  Explaining how and why I started the businesses with my sister and family is “laid out” on my YouTube Channel Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel On Why We Started A Low Cost Wedding Business.  Many folks either don’t have family that can afford to help or worse, have no family at all.  

I had decided to throw the showers together in order to save money and gave myself a window of two months to find items and create decorations for the event hat had previously been planned after my New Years Eve Wedding.  However, I fell and broke my right foot that later became infected and since wedding season normally begins in February, decided to move this event to the third week of January in the hopes my foot would be further along in the healing process.  My plan since my schedule is already becoming overloaded, was to do one shower at the same time for both Joanna and Brooke- however getting them to agree on a date has become a bit of a problem. Brooke, unlike Joanna recognizes that the lengths I went to for Joanna’s wedding were something that no one else would have ever went to and, for a complete stranger whom I had never met that contacted me through FB.  I find it interesting that Brooke is also the only one that understands that throwing this shower “is a big deal” since no one else was going to step up and do this for either of them.  After all, Cindy and I know Brooke and have a history.  The history we have with Joanna’s family leaves me leery about another disaster of “no good deed goes unpunished.”  Furthermore, Joanna (as well as her family) fail to comprehend the importance of thanking someone for doing something for you which truly baffles not only myself but also my entire team! 

Planning a party and the gifts at your own expense is no small undertaking.  Several months ago, Amanda Rose came to me requesting a baby shower since she had no family and couldn’t work as an exotic dancer due to her condition.  Finding a venue wasn’t easy nor was buying everything along with the baby gifts (an expense my twin sister shared with me).

You see, what people don’t know about my sister, myself and my multigenerational family of Texas Twins Events Team members is far more interesting than what “they think they know.”

There was a reason that I had to come up with a creative way to generate income to help the families who had nothing and I really mean NOTHING- when they came to us for help.

I’ve advised Joanna that her brother is unwelcome at this event and mean it.  Should that bully show up- I’m leaving.

For a person that gave everything with nothing and return to Joanna, you would think her family would have the common decency to be thankful and behave civilly and, you’d be wrong.

During the past four years and hundreds of events, we’ve met wonderful people and helped many that no one else would have but, we’ve had four disastrous events in four years that included Joanna’s wedding.

I guess four out of four hundred isn’t that bad but, it’s the bad ones you really remember especially when you paid for everything yourself!

As we “roll into” 2016, I’m also employed on call at BellTower Chapel and Garden and will have to “scale down” on my sponsored events.

Cindy and I are hoping the baby shower goes much more smoothly than the wedding did but, with inlaws and outlaws, you never know…

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