Weddings & Workouts?  You Betcha The Pawning Planners “Keep On Trucking!”

Cindy and I have successfully worked our way up to 20 minutes on the treadmill and 3 on the epileptical machine but, we gained two lbs back when we went to eat Mexican food last night.  Being on top of this lifestyle change has had its ups and downs and my sister loves Halloween candy and the holidays so I’m being the “bossy” one again around here.  Cindy is having to use sheer willpower during “candy season” since everywhere we look there’s another Halloween display.

We’ve had a month of life changes during our journey to get in shape over the course of the next year that include dieting, exercising and continuing to meet Pawning Planners clients for Appraisal Appointments while finding funding for clients needing help with medical expenses.

Staying busy by writing blogs for all of my websites while meeting clients and officiating or coordinating their event with refurbishing trades in my workroom keeps me pretty busy but throwing in 2 hour workouts at Planet Fitness with my saucy twin sister has really kept us both hopping to keep up with everything!

This past weekend I had two rehearsals, a wedding in my home and another wedding at Willow Lake Event Center last night. Congratulations to beautiful newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Ramirez.


Although my dedicated readers already recognize that I’m the serious twin and my sister Cindy is the silly twin, last night when my microphone fell off my vestment and hit the ground with a resounding plunk, Cindy knew I was horrified about it but as usual thought something unexpected happening during the ceremony was (no surprise) funny because she always thinks seeing me have a meltdown is hilarious- Wendy Wortham Officiating At Willow Lake Event Center, Videography By Cindy Daniel.  

My assistant and stepdaughter Ann Alexander joined us to handle the photography.  We are the only wedding vendor that provides photos for free as a courtesy to our clients when they are on a tight budget.  Although I was hired to officiate at the wedding and rehearsal- I always bring a team to ensure that my events flow smoothly. 

Cindy Daniel & Ann Alexander On Location-Texas Twins Events Team
My niece Stephaney Mahaney sent Cindy a text describing a night of horrible tips (we don’t call her the Cynical Server for nothing ya all) and I decided that after the wedding we should run over and see her for a bowl of low calorie tortilla soup- well that went over well for about ten seconds before all three of us started eating the delicious tortilla chips Stephaney set on the table which is how my sister and I gained a pound each back from our original loss of 6 for her and 8 for me.

My Nieces Stephaney Mahaney and Leigh Ann Blais With My Twin Sister Cindy Daniel
Since my niece started working at the Mexican restaurant, she’s gained 70 lbs so she’s going to the gym with us on her days off because watching us has gotten her pretty motivated to put down “delicious” snacks and treats.

Turning down a bite of the delicious wedding cake at my home Friday afternoon was no easy task either.  Elopement packages in my home include cake and champagne with complimentary photos along with officiating the wedding. 


For some reason, I’m always invited to “try a bite” along with my sister by couples who are encouraged to take their cake home because Lord knows of it’s sitting around here at WorthamWorld,  someone is going to eat it! 

Our Mini Me Twins AKA The Little Pawners With Their Best Friends At Their Very First Homecoming
   Maryssa and Makenna spent the night with my husband while we were working at the wedding last night and oh yea- stopping by El Fenix to see my niece!

Over breakfast this morning and after weighing myself, I called Cindy and told her I was so upset about gaining a pound back that I was going to Planet Fitness on a Sunday (rare for us).  She blurted out “me too and it was those chips!”  I asked the twins what they wanted for breakfast and was told “bagels and cream cheese with heavy on the cream cheese.”  Oh well, you can’t expect your entire family to join you on your weight loss journey!  Looks like my niece Stephaney will be the only one joining us at the gym lol. 

 Since I’m always interviewed about how Texas Twins Events, Texas Twins Treasures and The Pawning Planners work along with why I started a unique business endeavor to give families with no money or friends and family to help them by taking trades,  I’ve learned along the way that not everyone “get’s it.”  

That’s okay because yesterday we hit the 603 family mark of helping “anyone regardless of their income.”  For the families who came to us with a Dream and no way to fund it, you get a better grasp on how each diverse business works with the other and although being on the run for all these years has packed on the pounds- we are determined to meet our goal by next August. 


On Location- The Pawning Planners Cindy and Wendy
 Putting our health first is important to address the many families who come to me each year and that number continues to grow.

The reason is that there are far more people who can’t afford a beautiful event than there are that can.

My original concept to find these folks and help them continues to be a unique story for our followers and connections but throwing a little extra effort into taking care of ourselves to will ensure that we are still here to help years from now by being fit in our fifties and sexy into our sixties….

Wendy M Wortham