We Love a Parade! Texas Twins Events Sponsors Tarrant County Pride Week 2014 Fort Worth, Texas

It certainly doesn’t seen that nearly a year ago, the Texas Twins Team was dancing through the streets of downtown Fort Worth singing our favorite disco songs-yes, we always have a great time together.

Through hundreds of triumphs, we’ve endured the unexpected surprises that no one could have foreseen with over zealous single ladies fighting over the toss bouquet, a Bride who locked herself in the bathroom as guests waited in the Texas heat (I got her out, under less than ideal repertoire as she is my new daughter in law. The seafood was ruined.) There are many more episodes of chaos that were handled with kid gloves and completed these events with success and smiles. I’m the matriarch and, sometimes the “bossy” leader who controls these unexpected and sometimes funny (after, never during) snags using my coaching skills as a marriage counselor is occasionally necessary and, delicately dealing with the drunken guest or member of the Bridal Party. It’s odd that others in the wedding or funeral industry never discuss things that we’ve all experienced at weddings and funerals- one day I may write a book and change the names! Perhaps I’m the only one that doesn’t deny the unexpected has happened ? In doing so, I hope others learn how to handle the surprise of conflict at an event as a calm mediator, someone has to be calm and, it’s usually me!

When I was contacted this year by Tina Harvey of TCGPWA to sponsor an event at the Rainbow Lounge during Pride Week, I immediately accepted.

This year I’ve decided to invite all the LBGT couples we’ve met at weddings, parades, fundraisers and other events to join and March with us in our parade entry for Texas Twins Events. We will have a great time, we always do. There are so many beautiful outfits and gregarious personalities.

The Texas Twins Team have been so many places and done so many things since last year- it amazes me.

There have been many highs and a few lows during the season. I created the memorial floral designs for beloved and greatly missed, Lady Gretta Ozee. Perhaps the most challenging memorial and graveside service I have ever performed- her absence from us will forever leave a gaping hole in our hearts. The big Texas laugh, the stylish clothing, the warm heart that endeared many to her. Gone too soon, many tears were shed over Lady Gretta as I prepared those flowers with her favorite stems and chose her final gown, jewelry and make up for her “final show.”

The tiny Texas Twins will always miss the slumber parties and make up application that “Big Mamma” enjoyed so much. She was a Texas Rose!

My stunningly beautiful niece and Texas Twins Events Translator, Stephaney Rene Mahaney had a mental breakdown and is currently undergoing psychiatric care.

My health issues continued as I recovered from thyroid cancer to get my previous energy levels back, as well as my hair and worked diligently to lose the weight Synthroid added to my frame. Changing medications and my lifestyle to get back to where I was has been a challenge shared with my twin sister. We are close, very close to our goal and hope to one day “gift” each other a mommy make over.

Then there have been the moments of joy at social events and fundraisers with Tucker Taylor aka Rochelle Roullette, Cory Oropenza aka Siren, Cindy Daniel, Ann Alexander, Virginia Malone, Karolyn Nein and our little mascots, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney. Everybody pitches in during an emergency or last minute scheduled event by shifting schedules to accommodate others, one of the reasons this team is as successful as we are for a smaller scaled business.

We’ve been chased by ducks at a wedding, had one our SUVs decide not to start, lost the car keys in Dallas, forgot where we parked in San Antonio, found cool stuff at truck stops across Texas, been followed by camera crews we immediately treated like family, enjoyed great meals, great fun and met many great friends along the way! Got locked out of our hotel room when we lost a key card and enjoyed hotel slumber parties with our drag queen divas and shared make up tips and tricks. I still can’t put on false eyelashes, there’s always next year! Yes we are learning something new everyday from them about style and fashion. We have celebrated weddings from my own home to a carnival for venue choices in Fort Worth! My motto is, “the King and Queen make the rules.” It’s their day and very important to me and the team, they have it their way !

Yes, we’ve been here, there and everywhere! Of course we experienced some unexpected drama-
When neither the guests or the team spoke Spanish and our translator Stephaney Mahaney was not in attendance as she had not been requested. I ad libbed a bit, waiting for her to dash over and save me from using hand gestures to communicate with the couple and their family who spoke NO ENGLISH!

Recently, we were chased out of the Botanic Gardens for not having a photo permit we were unaware was necessary, drove all over Fort Worth, Texas while trying to find a beautiful location to marry a military couple within two hours-yes TWO HOURS! Along the way, we’ve grown closer as a team. We’ve endured, we’ve overcome and we’ve been blessed.

There are not many other wedding teams that could pull together a stunning wedding with beautiful photos in two hours? This is why we have a team and network of twins, friends and volunteers! Linkedin is and always will be my go to choice for finding vendors and last minute talent when the need arises.

My vocabulary doesn’t recognize “can’t” or, “won’t.”

Getting slapped in the face with my sisters shoe at an outdoor wedding? Sure, she was trying to “save” me from a bee, I’m highly allergic.

Dropping an expensive camera in the lake? It happens.

Going the wrong way down a one way street with two other SUVs following you? Oh well, at least we noticed something was amiss! Reminding me of Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

Yes, on the run and totally fun, the Texas Twins Team is committed to meeting the needs and wishes of our clients, whether they are ordinary or extraordinary!

Today as I prepare to turn in my official parade application, I smile as my FB friends instant message the outfits they’ve picked out to show off their “class and sass” again this year, we are looking forward to more good times and great locations of another Gay Pride Week and Picnic in the Park from Fort Worth, Texas and hope you will join us!