Conflict Resolution Comes In Handy When Chaos & Scheduling Cause Problems…

This morning I reviewed an email from Robert Kelley who had scheduled a wedding April 8 at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and their date was cancelled due to over scheduling.  Since the brides brother was home on leave for the wedding, Robert asked me for affordable option suggestions.  

Remembering all too well the Harvey Family Adventure, I suggested a park and will be assisting the Kelley Family finding a beautiful yet free venue in order to “roll on” with their wedding plans. I assured Robert that whether they could pay for services or not, we would help them have a beautiful wedding.  He was surprised but after reviewing my sites, impressed by just how far we are willing to go in order to help a stranger.  Being a wedding officiant himself, he asked what made me “so committed” to helping someone that I have never met.

The Harvey Family Were Kicked Out Of The Garden For Not Paying A Fee For Photography Or Their Wedding. Thinking On My Feet, I helped Them With Clothing & Found A Park For Their Wedding Because Failure Is NEVER An Option For Me When It Comes To My Clients!
 I’m often asked why I’m so passionate about helping others and to better answer this question, I must admit that I’ve been in a similar situation when my son married years ago and didn’t have anyone to help me which is why I started Texas Twins Events in the first place.  My goal was to help others who (just like me) faced financial hurdles and nearly 7 years later, I (along with my team) have helped over 700 families.  

My son’s wedding was important enough for me to drop everything and spend months planning and paying for everything necessary to make it beautiful but finding a vendor willing to reduce their pricing?  Impossible!  Which is why I decided that the only way to offer affordable alternatives was to do it myself by starting a low cost business and directly targeting families who could never afford traditional price structures.

My Son & His Wife-I Provided All Of The Bouquets, Bouteniers, Centerpieces & Decorations
My Twin Sister, Cindy Daniel Handled The Photography
Fixing a problem isn’t as easy as some might think when everything that should be going right-goes wrong and like the Kelley Family, there have been many others who relied heavily on my passion and perseverance to be “The Fixer.”  Nearly a year ago, I wrote this blog to give you a better idea of unexpected events-Disaster & Drama? No Problem!

Surprisingly- I’ve had a few “odd requests” with the most interesting that was turned down being a wedding at a nudist colony and this morning, a wedding at a prison! 
After speaking with the client requesting services at the Correctional Institute however, Cindy and I decided to volunteer our services in Venus, Texas.  
This will be my very first wedding at a prison although over the years I’ve officiated at a karate studio, on a cargo plane at Carswell AFB, a hot air balloon, a parking lot and numerous other “unique” location sites.
Every request is different but I refuse to officiate in the nude under any circumstances although I continue to receive requests-much to my dismay!  

Apparently there are several nudist colonies in Texas and these folks are having a really hard time finding someone willing to officiate in the buff but rest assured no one on my team is interested in something as bizarre as that.  We are open minded but not that open minded! 


We are excited to announce that due to popular demand-we now offer Inmate Wedding Services, to find out more, email Wendy@texastwinsevents.com today! 

I volunteer for numerous charitable organizations including several nursing homes too which is why when I’m asked to “pitch in” I do and commit my entire team to ensure flawless execution.  Being passionate enough to occasionally work for free gives you a better understanding of just how far I’m willing to go to get the job done!

Planning a Vow Renewal Ceremony for Seniors over 70 can be a lot of fun and full of surprises for my Texas Twins Events team.  Seniors are fun loving & spirited and love a good party! 

 Every holiday is celebrated at senior centers across America with fun filled Bingo nights and other group activities.  Many seniors live with their spouses and what better way to celebrate their long lives together than renewing their wedding vows?  I have always loved the senior center because everyone is so happy to see me and look forward to any event with old friends and a few new ones.

 This afternoon, I met again with John to give him his wedding photos from last weekend and was surprised and delighted when he asked if we would be interested in a “darker” themed type wedding or vow renewal ceremony for one of his friends.  

It’s something we have never done before but my son has always said would be fun especially on Halloween.

The “plan” would include using a cemetery for a venue with everyone dressing up in costumes.  I told him we have had many themes events from a 50’s styled wedding to a Beauty & The Beast Wedding to dressing up as Elvis to officiate so planning something a little different may be challenging but we are looking forward to it.

At Texas Twins Events, our clients have their day their way.  Cindy and I have always loved the idea of a spooky themed wedding since we grew up watching Night Gallery, Nightstalker, Alfred Hitchcock, The Outer Limits and other “scary” stuff.  A horror  themed wedding will be a lot of fun for my team since everyone loves to dress up around here including our grandkids.

Texas Twins Events Photography-Angela Rodden Hair & Make Up
I told John to have his friend contact me to talk about their plan and toss around a few ideas.
John had made a donation for our event services after I told him we would do the event at no cost and loan everything he needed including flowers and complimentary photography for his wedding a week ago because he knew we helped people whether they could pay us or not.  
John’s donation will be used to help pay for film development and a cake for the Kelley Family.   Funding for sponsored families often comes from Texas Twins Treasures sales but occasionally from previous clients who know our story and understand our journey to help anyone.  We are different intentionally! 

My team and I are really excited about the upcoming Easter Egg Event with TCGPWA too and looking forward to seeing all of our friends.

Party Planning for a wedding, birthday, or any celebration is always easier when everyone gets involved but “props” bring far more fun to the party! 

    Our visits to Planet Fitness 3-5 days a week our often pretty funny and we’ve met a lot of new friends who are also on a fitness journey themselves.

Back at the gym, Cindy keeps me laughing as we approach our 6 month mark on a weight loss journey that has given us both challenges and successes along the way. 

A TwinTeam, The Pawning Planners Cindy Daniel & Wendy Wortham
Meanwhile, back at Cindy’s House, putting up their latest above ground swimming pool has been a real fiasco. Cindy is a self proclaimed hillbilly so when one of the chaises ripped-she grabbed the duct tape.  Duct tape is a staple for any redneck or hillbilly but often comes in handy for a quick fix.  My sister is currently planning to jazz up the chaises with custom duct tape in the latest designs. 


Cindy’s Husband Steve Daniel Created His Own “Grill” Idea As Their Family Pet Bentley Waits On His Hot Dog

Her handyman, Jesse was missing in action so her husband had to step in and help with the pool that the kids have been waiting on since Texas temperatures are on the rise.  It’s odd that Jesse didn’t come by this week because he’s always hanging around my sisters house but while Steve may hate his Honey Do List, he loves the pool as much as the twins.  This morning, Cindy sent me a text about one of the bars used to hold the pool up bending and breaking last night.  The backyard flooded while Steve searched his beloved barn and found bars from another old pool they had.  Steve saves everything and often tells me that hillbillies never throw anything away “because they may need it for something!”

   I’ve watched my brother in law take an old umbrella pole and repair a broken leg on an outdoor chaise.  I’ve also watched him repair a fan with the base of a coat rack.  Steve Daniel can come up with some fairly creative “fixes” and today was no exception.  

My brother in law often saves the day when Jesse the handyman isn’t around and Steve can do just about anything when he wants to which is more than I can say for Ole Jesse who often “slow plays” odd jobs because he works by the hour.

Tomorrow we are going to another Hoarder House for an Appraisal Appointment but we understand the personality types of folks who can’t bear to part with anything and “go in” bearing that in mind.  I recently wrote a blog to give others (who may not have encountered these types of unpredictable first meetings) insight on hoarding and Complicated Grief Syndrome-Understanding Hoarding & Grief Is Essential On Location.

Not everyone “gets it” when dealing with someone who literally treasures their trash but often having at least one family member present will help a lot by “coaxing” the hoarder to let go of items they feel are important.  Anytime you know you’re going into a Hoarder Home you need to “pack your patience.”  Based on the behavior of the hoarder-we may have to make numerous “visits” prior to getting the person to relinquish control of their possessions.

I’m really looking forward to our upcoming events and spending time with my family now that Spring is here and hoping my dedicated readers are enjoying some sun and fun too.

If you have a family member in a nursing home, please find the time to go by for a visit because I know they would love to see you…many of the people we meet at nursing homes wait at the doors for visitors all day-everyday…

Wendy M Wortham