Updates On Client Privacy, Public Posts & Social Media Regarding TDCJ Weddings…

A few months ago, a producer for Love After Lock Up contacted me regarding current and previous clients applying for the show. Knowing that many of my clients would have no interest in having their relationship on television, I declined providing contact information and chose instead to share the flier and contact a few Brides and Grooms who might fit the criteria and more importantly, be interested in applying. 

I never use full names on my blogs or social media posts for Texas Prison Wedding (TDCJ) Clients or ANY client of Texas Twins Events or The Pawning Planners. 

Why The Pawning Planners? Because they can’t afford to pay for services and are bartering their Event Service instead which is a very private matter. 

Many of my Clients DO NOT WANT their names used. Using someone’s full name (as most vendors and photographers do on public posts to promote their business) makes the individual easily searchable by tagging on blogs and social media posts which is why I don’t use my clients full names in order to protect my Clients Privacy. 

Many Event vendors, Officiants and photographers as well as other businesses use photos of previous and current Clients as visual marketing. 

However, when the “opt out” option of public posts is used, very few photographers and other event vendors will take on the client. Why? Because photos are how they promote their business. 

Other individuals and businesses either take a pass on the booking or charge a higher fee to clients not wanting photos published to make up for the loss. The reason for this is the inability to promote target marketing by sharing photos. 

I’m now updating my TDCJ Contracts to specifically address photography posts that will include a 3rd page with the option of “No Public Photos” as a courtesy to Clients. 

Please be advised that an additional fee may or may not accompany the request for ALL clients of Texas Twins Events whether you are a TDCJ client or not. 

A few months ago, one of my Brides had told me that she wasn’t concerned about photo posts but didn’t want me using her full name. I explained that I never use full names for TDCJ Clients or Pawning Planners Clients for privacy reasons. 

It’s not unusual for my LBGT Clients AND my TDCJ Clients to request that I don’t use their names on public posts. Not everyone supports LBGT Marriage or Prison Weddings. 

I’ve learned the hard way through hate mail and emails sent to me that most of the people who “don’t believe in LBGT Marriage or Prison Weddings” have far too much time on their hands. Often, they are the same people. How do I know? They continue to call, email and send me letters via the post office regarding “their beliefs.” 
It’s quite rare for any of my Clients to ask that I not use their name OR THEIR photos but, attempting to accommodate a variety of clients isn’t easy. Finding solutions to issues is essential for me as a vendor. 

For those unaware of conflict arising from a photo, please consider whether your family or friends or even your employer might have an issue finding your photo on the internet. 

IE: If your parents don’t know you are marrying, I certainly don’t want to be the one posting your photo. The more information you can give me, the better off we are. I prefer to err on the side of caution whenever possible. 

For those of you who haven’t been to my site or reviewed my Contract for Texas Twins Events, I’m uploading a link to my Contract for your review– Texas Twins Events Client Contract. 

Page three specifically addresses Event Photography and use of photos to promote business. It’s a release that all of my clients have signed. 

However, it’s essential to me that working with Clients who are uncomfortable about photos from their Event notify me ahead of time regarding page 3 and the Photo Release. 

You can easily contact me regarding reasons of privacy PRIOR to your Event Date Of Service without issue before an event or pay an additional fee to opt out of the release. 

Knowing ahead of time that posts or photos of Clients can be an issue helps me limit issues further down the road. I discount my clients deeply because I use their photos to promote my business and attract new clients but, if you choose to opt out on photography or social media posts, an additional fee may be involved. 

My Contract for Texas Twins Events outlines a photography release and is sent with Texas Prison Wedding contracts to TDCJ Clients. 

The reason that I have Texas Prison Wedding Clients sign both a Texas Twins Events Contract AND a Texas Prison Wedding Contract is because they are two different Contracts. 

My TDCJ Contract specifically addresses behavior, attire and conduct at Units. If you are inappropriately dressed or late for your TDCJ wedding, it not only looks bad but, it also looks worse for me because as my client, you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional and courteous manner as your contract outlined. 

The Contract For TDCJ Officiant Services addresses Cancellation Policies, Payment Terms, Unit Photos and the cost of said photos along with Appropriate Attire and Conduct at TDCJ Unit Weddings. 

I always buy photos at Units. It’s optional for clients to buy their own if they choose to at $3 per photo in quarters. 

My reasons for having a separate Contract for TDCJ Clients as well as my traditional Texas Twins Events Contract is based on personal experience and unexpected issues of tardiness or inappropriate attire at Texas Prisons. 

I’ve met all of my other “traditionally booked clients” in person long before their Event Date which is why I include a TDCJ Contract for Texas Prison Weddings because I haven’t had an opportunity to “go over” important aspects in person with clients and explain the differences of Rules at a Texas Prison as opposed to a traditional venue. 

Venues, backyards, barns and other locations often have few if any rules associated with the location. 

My Contract for TDCJ Clients outlines what you can expect of me and what I can expect of you regarding Appropriate Attire and Behavior at a Texas Prison ahead of time so that you or I don’t have any unexpected surprises. 

What type of surprises? Intoxicated Clients, Underdressed Clients, Guests, Wedding Rings, Cell Phones or other prohibited items or outrageous behavior. There are no guests, cell phones, wedding rings or other items allowed inside a Texas Prison. 

I work hard to ensure that other unexpected occurrences are addressed far before the actual date of service. 

Having a Client walk up to me in a Prison Parking Lot intoxicated is the LAST THING I need or want to happen. Because of this, laying out what I expect and what Clients can expect is essential to conducting my business without any surprises.  

I’m happy to accommodate any request regarding posts of photos but, please let me know ahead of time to ensure there isn’t conflict down the road. 

It is not unusual for Clients to request not using their full names, it should be noted that TDCJ Clients can rest assured that I won’t. 

Unit photos and bridal photos are often posted on my social media sites and blogs for marketing purposes unless of course, a client has discussed the issue with me personally PRIOR to the service date of their event. 

Exceeding Client Expectations is very important to me…