Two Weddings & A Funeral?  What A Weekend…Travels Of The Texas Twins

I knew this weekend would be busy, busy, busy with two weddings and two rehearsals but an unexpected funeral was thrown into the mix.  I usually don’t write about funerals for privacy reasons but this was one of the most celebrated memorials I’ve ever officiated with a margarita machine and Tex-Mex Buffett.  Officiating a funeral is normally a somber affair where it’s difficult for me not to cry with the thought of the last kiss, last hug or last smile the deceased shared with a loved one.  However, my “role” as a funeral clergy or celebrant is to bring comfort to families and show no emotion.  Walking into the visitation with fiesta styled music and happy people shocked me to such an extent that I asked if I was in the correct room.  You know, a party isn’t such a bad idea after all, I decided after enjoying the celebration of a life well lived with many accomplishments, loads of friends and relatives reminiscing with stories they shared together.  Something to think about and although it was surprising at first for me, I didn’t have to worry about mourning for the departed, they were loved and everyone granted their wish of celebrating rather than grieving.

Sunday morning, my twin sister Cindy Daniel and I along with our Little Pawners, Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney went to evaluate a proposed “fix and flip house that had been vacant for 17 or 18 years.  The major issue was a leak that had collapsed a ceiling in one bedroom and the adjoining wall along with black mold covering one room and spreading to the other rooms.  Secondly, raccoons had been entering through the fireplace in the living room and taking over the house.  This house needed a bulldozer and a backhoe not a “little fixing up” but, having a home vacant for this length of time with running water and electricity was the primary reason for destroying the home.  My husband is a land developer and builder and has taught me many things about “flipping” real estate and in Texas, black mold is one of the worst things that can happen to a house to destroy any hope of selling it.  My niece, Stephaney Mahaney (mother of Maryssa and Makenna) filmed for us https://youtu.be/gsk3_nSBXEs is a video of the horrific condition of this once cute home.

Leaving that house (breathing fresh air again), we dropped Maryssa and Makenna off with my husband while Stephaney accompanied me to my first wedding at Aristide Event Center to officiate the marriage of Derek Terry and his beautiful bride. 


We initially had arrived an hour early (I’m always early) at the venue and Derek called my cell in a panic regarding no boutenniers for the groomsmen.  I quickly asked how many we needed since he was aware I often loan my floral designs to clients booked through We Take Trades! The Pawning Planners for families who cannot afford floral designs, I created an extensive inventory of wedding bouquets, boutenniers, Centerpieces, cake trays, serving sets and champagne glasses for our clients so they wouldn’t have to buy these items themselves.  Derek told me 5 and forgot to include himself which is why the “last minute” rose picked from the garden was consistently falling off his jacket.  The wedding was beautiful and, I saved the day by having the inventory on hand to cover the groomsmen which matched perfectly with their wedding colors.  I only wish I had brought 6 to cover the groom but everything worked out wonderfully and I spent a few minutes blessing their first meal as a married couple before hot footing it to my next wedding.

Arriving at the Villagio Resort in Burleson for the wedding of Champagne Martin and Macy Reeve, we were blessed that rain didn’t spoil the day as expected.  A beautiful location for their wedding by the dock awaited these two wonderful young ladies along with their family and friends. 

On Location- Wendy Wortham
Brides Champagne & Macy Martin-Reeve
After the Reeve-Martin Wedding, I was fairly exhausted but had another stop to make for an Appraisal Apointment for a wedding in July.

As I prepare for another round of Estate Liquidations, a funeral on Friday and Western Event Sunday with two weddings, I’m trying to keep my blogs up to date while refurbishing items.   Where Refurbished Trades From The Pawning Planners Are Sold- Texas Twins Treasures features antiques that I’ve stripped and stained them reupholstered along with Pawning Planners Apparel and even real estate we swapped for in exchange for a wedding and photography.

My multigenerational family often keep me laughing about what they never know will happen next around here and, they are right of course.  My five year journey in the wedding and events industry continues from Fort Worth, Texas and everyday is a new adventure with my Texas Twins Events Team ya all…

Wendy Wortham Travels Of The Texas Twins aka The Pawning Planners