Two Sets of Twins in Texas- Wendy Wortham and Cindy Daniel The Pawning Planners…

You know it’s well documented that the public is fascinated with twins, often I’ve heard that many twins have a telekinetic ability too. Although my twin and I have compensating personalities, the little Pawners share the same traits and ironically the same ability to know when the other is hurt or upset even when they aren’t together.

In fact, the four of us have one thing in common above all other things- we were raised without our mothers. Why? Because my own mother was addicted to heroin and never an active part of our lives. Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney have been raised since birth by my twin sister, Cindy Daniel after their mother left the hospital to disappear for weeks, days and hours on end- you see, she was also addicted to drugs.

Are we closer than our other twin friends because of the setbacks life has thrown us? Probably. Do we share a closer bond because of this connection? Absolutely!

Creating a business to spend more time with my twin after a lifetime of working away from her my reasons are somewhat complex because I missed her and, I missed the tiny Texas Twins too.

While I had initially not planned to involve the Little Pawners in the wedding and events industry, our clients were so fascinated by these little Texas Darlings that it became quickly apparent to me that a twin business would be our destiny.

Working as flower girls, ring bearers and even ushers for tips or flips- Maryssa and Makenna Mahaney are often “the center of attention.”

You see, when two sets of twins go anywhere together, we are often stopped and asked to pose for photos and the Little Pawners have been posing for photos since they could walk.

The commitment of giving back to my community by offering low cost and no cost weddings and event services by blending my Texas Twins Treasures storefront with Texas Twins Events so we could accept trades and refurbish them to cover the cost of events may sound unique to many but, I’ve struggled myself through a real estate crash that affected my own families finances and because of that recognized and realized that for many, my business was their only hope of having a wonderful event on a tight or non existent budget they were going to find.

The twins love every aspect of a wedding including dressing up and taking photos of the guests with their Nikon cameras.

My twin enjoys visiting with guests and while my family calls me “the ring leader” at events, I’ve enjoyed watching the interaction of my Texas Twins Team that now includes my son and his wife.

Spending time together at a family business has given me the insight of why I created The Pawning Planners, to bring my family together while reaching back to help others.

The unique and versatile bonds of twins are certainly an interesting part of who we are and what we do, our desire to he the mothers we’ve never has given us the ability to have compassion that many others may take for granted and I believe that had we been spoiled or enjoyed an average middle class upbringing- that I would have missed out on the most important thing in life- my family, my community and finally, my clients!